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Comment The Most Important Skill (Score 1) 332

The author mentioned a few transferable skills but she left out the most important one: People Skills. With a BS or MS, if you are an asshole, you will have a hard time finding a job but you might eventually get one. On the other hand if you are a PhD who no transferable skills like she mentioned AND you are an asshole, you will really have trouble.

My PhD is in Biomedical Engineering and I went through similar stuff with funding and skill building as the author, so I don't think it's only limited to the Biologists. I think all types of PhD students have their own unique brand of suffering, with suffering itself being the common denominator.

Comment Amen to that (Score 1) 101

Zynga spends literally tens of millions of dollars per year on advertising. If you look at their player curve, the number of players stayed at less than 200 for almost a month during pre-release, and then the day they turned on their advertising, it shot up to millions. In short, they bought players.
I have two facebook games Rogue Agent and World of Avlis and I have a bear of a time getting players for them:
1) Because I don't have tens of millions to spend on ads
2) Because I don't have the flashy flash stuff that Zynga has yet, even though the games are well done

Comment Yeah but..... (Score 1) 688

It's not the US that gets the oil money in those countries. It's their corrupt Arabian royalty and what have you. They get REALLY rich. People shouldn't look to the US to make sure the average citizen gets money for resource wealth, when it is really the people within that country treating EACH OTHER poorly.

Comment Hogwash... (Score 1) 80

Saying "when the power to build living organisms filters through to anyone with a laptop" is like saying, "when the power to install Linux filters through with anyone with a laptop". It will never happen because both systems require you to have some training and education that "anyone" will never be willing to obtain before installing.

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