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GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Carabos Initiate New "Source Liberation" P

AdrianP writes: "Carabos, the team behind the successful PyTables Pro library built on NumPy, is describing a new plan for open-sourcing their flagship product, a "database designed to handle massive amounts of data in an efficient way." Over the next five years, Carabos will be collecting donations and license purchases towards a target goal of 300,000 Euro. When the goal is met or the five years expire, whichever comes first, PyTables Pro will be released as Free Software, 10% of the raised funds will be donated back to Free Software projects such as NumPy, and the remaining money will sponsor the team's continued development of PyTables Pro as free software.
PyTables Pro is a scientific-computation-oriented database that claims to search a table of 10,000,000,000 rows in the time it takes to perform a single disk seek."

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