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Comment Re:Don't PANIC! (Score 1) 281

Ah... nevermind. I googled around. No. I'm just different. I'm not some chess prodigy or anything like that. I used the word neurotypical because I wanted to convey the idea that the overly passionate poster was normal and that normal was not a good thing. My theory is that most people are passionate about their likes and dislikes. So when guys like me see things objectively people get offended. And I don't understand why, but that's okay. I don't understand a lot of things. Perhaps it's just because I kept to myself growing up and refused interactions. People can't believe why I don't just jump on the hate bandwagon and hate "Obummer" or "RMoney" as you kids like to call them. I think that both candidates want what's best for America and have different ideas on how to get there. I'm sorry if my humor offends you.

Comment Re:Don't PANIC! (Score 1) 281

I apologize for hurting your feelings. I don't understand what it's like to have the passions of normal people. So I easily offend normal people such as yourself. In fact, I'm guessing that you're offended that I mentioned that you're offended. And you're probably offended that I mentioned that you're offended that I mentioned you're offended. Etc... Again I apologize. If it makes you feel better, neurotypical people like yourself beat me up throughout grade school. Something I deserve for not thinking like you or acting like you or dressing like you or liking your kind of "music".

I don't understand other humans, so I don't understand how you are able to derive "I'm not saying if they're correct or incorrect in their assessment." into "joking about how these people being disenfranchised are a bunch of whiners." I guess there's nothing for me to do but repent of my unintentionally "evil" ways. Perhaps I should petition my government to put people in jail who do not vote like you do? Perhaps I should have them flogged like I was for being different? Everyone has the right to believe and think like you and if they don't; if they're objective; they're heretics. Perhaps you should write a book about your struggles? That would be an interesting read.

Comment Re:Don't PANIC! (Score 2) 281

You assume I have a side which is a fair to do, but inaccurate. To make the joke less funny, since I have to explain it, the reason I chose Romney as the supposed cause of the storm and cries of disenfranchisement coming from the left is that it is more common to hear the left make arguments that the right somehow prevents the left from voting rather than the other way around. I'm not saying if they're correct or incorrect in their assessment, but they do make that complaint more. Combine that with the fact that states on the East Coast generally do vote left more than right and it all makes sense in a Huff Post kinda way.

So if you're somehow offended that I made fun of your religion/political party/value system/whatever, then I apologize. I was just trying to be funny. (Something I don't exactly excel at).

Comment Re:Don't PANIC! (Score 3, Interesting) 281

We all know this is a sneaky plot from the Romney camp to disenfranchise liberal voters by sending a massive 1000 mile storm in their path. Huff Post and Daily KOS told me so!

In all seriousness, if a storm does do significant damage to an area right before/at an election, what do we do? Is this a constitutional crises?

Comment Re:I have no Soul, and I don't like ST (Score 1) 618

Probably true. One has to be a super smart enlightened neoatheist to understand soulless existence. And I'm not talking about the matter that makes up an entity, but the existence of the conscious. The mind that controls the brain.

For us dumb folk, I'm happy believing that I exist.

Comment Re:Answered already... (Score 1) 1142

I acknowledge this excuse, I'm just not buying it. For him to say that it is because Dr. Craig is "evil", he would have to apply that to all Christians he's debated since they all believe in the same thing in regards to the book of Joshua. Perhaps if neoathiests weren't so emotionally attached to their belief systems, they wouldn't buy Dawkin's excuse either.

Let's be honest, he only debates nominal Christians and politicians. He then pretends that these folks are "leaders". I'm not swayed by anything a Pope or Cardinal or TBN talking head has to say. I find people like Dr. Craig, Hugh Ross, and others far more credible. So it would be like someone refusing to debate Paul of Tarsus and then make the excuse that they debated the head of the Sanhedrin instead.

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