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The State of Ruby VMs — Ruby Renaissance 89

igrigorik writes "In the short span of just a couple of years, the Ruby VM space has evolved to more than just a handful of choices: MRI, JRuby, IronRuby, MacRuby, Rubinius, MagLev, REE and BlueRuby. Four of these VMs will hit 1.0 status in the upcoming year and will open up entirely new possibilities for the language — Mac apps via MacRuby, Ruby in the browser via Silverlight, object persistence via Smalltalk VM, and so forth. This article takes a detailed look at the past year, the progress of each project, and where the community is heading. It's an exciting time to be a Rubyist."

"Smart" Parking Meters Considered Dumb 863

theodp writes "The jury's still out on whether Chicago taxpayers were taken to the cleaners by a rushed 75-year lease of the city's metered parking to a Morgan Stanley consortium. But most would probably agree that the new shared Pay Boxes that replaced the city's old parking meters don't exactly live up to their 'Smart' billing. Here's what the redesigned 'user-friendly' parking solution looks like: 1. Park your car. 2. Walk up to 1/2 block to a Pay Box. 3. Wait in line to use it. 4. Use coins or credit cards to purchase parking time — up to $84 for 24-hours (add $50 if you run out of time). 5. Wait for a paper receipt to be printed. 6. Walk up to 1/2 block back to your car. 7. Place the receipt on your dashboard. 8. Head off to your destination, perhaps passing the Pay Box a second time. So before other cities suffer the same fate as Chicago, Portland, and others, is there a 'smarter' way? Some suggest the ParkMagic In-Car Meter, but no new orders are being taken in Chicago. Any other ideas?"

Comment These sound like local SSO rules not DoD (Score 1) 211

I know of no DOD requirement for use of specific Version of software.. People confuse Local Security (SSO's) rules with DoD Wide. I would like to know which document they are reading. When you get your system accredited you have to list software and versions in the SSP/SSAA and if you upgrade you also have to do a change to the SSP/SSAA. as for back ports.. They are fine as long as you can test and show that they do what they say, and contain nothing else.. No patch is to be put on a DoD system with out vetting. the patch. your ISSO or SSO will give you guidance. if you are the admin you should have a contact for them. also DoD rules all depend on who you report to, DoDIIS, US Army, SSO Navy? DISA they all have there own rules, a lot matches. Then you have your local accrediter, or better known as the person who is responsible if your system is compermised. this person is the only one who sets version numbers, and a lot of them just say the newest with no knowledge. Disclaimer, I am a government contractor who does System Design and System Accredidation.

Comment Re:Games (Score 1) 1365

wow point missed. The point is you can not blame any Linux distro for Office not running on it, and to do so means you want Linux to be a free windows.. not a different OS. Only Microsoft can make office run on Linux.. and as you just pointed out, they have no reason to do so..

Comment Re:Games (Score 1) 1365

hmm.. I get the entire point, you want to use windows and you expect Linux to be a free windows.. until people get that out of there heads and know Linux is not Windows.. these stupid comparisons.. like it does not run MS office.. Well if the Great Microsoft would write a Linux Version it would.. Same with the game manufactures, Like ID does or UT. But here is one from the other side, create a Virtual interface in windows.. ? Linux simple (just like it is with Solaris and BSD) or better yet get my Dell e6500 to transfer faster then 240kps on my gig network while running Vista 64bit, while Ubuntu on the same laptop transfers at 5 -6 mbps. and I understand having a machine to run software because your OS will not run it. and its not Linux.. at least if it runs under wine at all is better than my wifes sowing machine, it will not run Under Vista or Windows 7.. but does under XP. It needs a parallel port to run, even tried under a VM, but on Vista and windows 7 the USB to parallel would keep dropping off the VM. Linux it runes in Virtual Box, but its easier to keep the old windows box running XP just for the sowing machine.

Comment Re:Uhh (Score 1) 369

for my Alesis HD24 old IDE drives is what this multi-track recorder users.. a 500 or even a 100 gig drive is a waste in the machine as you are limited in number of songs and audio tracks. Plus I have had issues with the machines undo features and modern drives. and sadly the newest version still expects the same old IDE drives.. which are hard enough to find. now to hard drives containing classified information.. agency's are only allowed to reuse drives on systems of the same classification or higher.. so if the data was on a secret system, once wiped can only be used on other Secret or higher systems. other wise must be destroyed. a lot of this supposed classified information is sensitive but unclass. which is not a classification but a handling instruction. The unclass part is a classification, and the lowest protection level, so things slip, solders send computers to DRMO with out following procedure as its only unclass, but they forget the handling as procedure as SBU, and news stories like this get out. also most of this looks like corporate design information or even some engineers stored information on projects he is working on and all may be SBU or even fouo, but most companies do not have a requirement to wipe drives before reselling them or returning them from a lease, and if he did work on his home computer all bets are off.

Comment how is this diffrent... (Score 2, Insightful) 507

so the Air force paid MS to "lock down windows" probably to the STIG.. Instead of doing what DODIIS does and create a Install disk to be installed and tested against, so if you do have to rebuild its there... I thought that MS came up with an affordable PL3 or PL4 System, we have been working with MS for a PL3 system, but it would cost almost a million more than a comparable Trusted Solaris or SELinux solution. and be hell to administer

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