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Comment Re:Cosmic caring (Score 1) 251

Georgia-Pacific has it spot on if the spirit of awareness month is to irritate individuals into action. The breast cancer-aware Quilted Northern toilet paper packages contain rolls of diminished width and I've been inspired into submitting feedback of disdain via the Contact Us form on the Georgia-Pacific website.

Comment Re:Sounds good to me (Score 1) 757

J-1 is the fault of the home countries requiring the US to put these restrictions on foreign students in exchange for allowing American students to go to those countries at all. They don't want their best students going to the US and staying there, so they make a visa treaty (or whatever term that agreement would have, if not "treaty") that requires them to come back for some set period where they can't apply for another visa in the US, to give them time to "share their knowledge and experience with their countrymen", as it was worded in DHS documents.

We need a new system that gives more student visas to every country, eliminating all the current types of visas, and implementing a new one that applies everywhere that makes it MUCH easier for changes in visa type, residency status, and green card applications.

Comment Re:To all that say space is waste of time (Score 1) 703

Your comment is Religulous.
Your conclusion simply does not follow, atheists have extremely well formulated and reasoned ethics, morals and duties. It is ad hominem deist dogma and misinformation that suggests otherwise.

Ethics and morals need not, and should not flow from some superstitous belief.

Secular ethics has a far more respectable basis than a pathetic fear of punishment by an unproven and unprovable deity, for failing to follow some literal translation of ancient scrolls.

By the way, it's not 72 virgins.. it's 72 fresh olives... were you confused ?

Comment Adobe is a horrible company to do business with (Score 2, Informative) 181

Let's say you're work for a small business or non-profit and you have, say, four licensed copies of Adobe's Creative Suite products. When you bought them, the current version was CS62. Several months later, you've decided there's value in providing these tools to another employee. That's right, you want to give Adobe another $500-2500, depending on the product(s) included. Sorry, Adobe is now at CS63, and they won't sell you CS62 anymore. What's more, the two versions are "sort of" compatible. You can import one version into the other, but all elements may not translate properly. Nope, if you want to add another user of their software, you have to purchase another full license and four upgrades in order to keep them all at the same version!

Did you get a lot of life out of your Photoshop installation but finally decide to upgrade? Great! Check online for eligible upgrade versions. Hooray, it's listed! But wait, when you attempt to install it, it won't accept the license key from your old version of Photoshop. It turns out Adobe's installation path for your version is to call customer service. [insert dead horse about how ridiculous it is to punish your paying customers vs. pirates by forcing them to activate] So you get Adobe on the phone. "We're sorry, in order to upgrade your version, you're going to have to uninstall the product, then reinstall it again with a special command line switch."

Personally, I will avoid Adobe products wherever there is a viable alternative. Adobe chooses to follow the Microsoft example of exploiting dominance in a sector by putting their customers through bullshit those with a choice would never put up with.

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