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Comment Re:Only if... (Score 1) 427

That's a good point. To bring in a car analogy, there are laws and standards regarding the vehicles permitted on the road. Would a Microsoft bigwig be championing this idea if it meant an NHTSA would be regulating their ass?

Sounds great actually. Coupled with the Justice Department discouraging monopoly abuse, we'd have the another regulator preventing MS from putting a house of knives on the road.

Comment Re:Secret Question (Score 1) 414

I wholeheartedly agree and have practiced this rigorously, to some recently mixed results. I selected the secret question, "What was the name of your first dog?"

Fast forward to my forgotten password. You see, I've never owned a dog. I tried "none," "null," to no avail. Tech support time. "You see..."

Woman: You don't remember? Oh, I see what you did...
Me: No idea!
Woman: It's three letters... I can't say it.
Me: Uhmmm...OH! [feverish typing] Got it reset!

Secret answer: WTF

The best was I was at work as it was a corporate vendor's website.

Comment Re:Hmm, this seems illogical. (Score 2, Interesting) 492

What about blind people who cannot speak? Personally, I don't think universities should be allowed to encourage devices except to the lowest common denominator: Helen Keller.

The solution becomes clear, then, and it's the Braille machine used by Whistler in the movie Sneakers. This, of course, is a completely different device as opposed to a variant of a viable e-book reader the rest of us use but with additional features. Therefore, this device is the only that should be allowed, and we bitches with all of our senses functioning should have some compassion and learn Braille already.

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