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Comment eyes closed head down (Score 0) 349

Of course, that this hacker found evidence of non-terrestrial intelligence is the biggest non-story of the century. We should all be discussing extradition treaties and the conditions of US prisons and not anything having to do with NASA coverup of UFOs. I acknowledge that in this case the evidence is a little sketchy, but it fits into the testimonies of hundreds and hundreds of ex-government employees talking about their connection to the UFO enigma. Whether or not aliens exist is obviously the least important story in human history, especially when compared to whether the Mars rovers have found microbe fossils.

If you close your eyes, plug your ears, and yell La la la! loud enough, maybe all the evidence for non-terrestrial intelligence will go away.

Comment impossible (Score 0) 184

Of course, all rational and intelligent people understand that everything which exists has already been discovered. If there really were aliens, there would be some concrete evidence that they exist. Apart from all the evidence, eyewitness testimony, video, statistical probability, and historical record, there is no evidence whatsoever that other sentient beings exist in the universe. Furthermore, it should be apparent that any form of inquiry into this topic is prima facia evidence of insanity. Any experience that you have which does not conform to the general consensus of what does or does not exist should be treated as an abberation and you should immediately see a psychiatrist if it repeats. If, for instance, you drop a 1lb ball and a 5lb ball of the same size and they hit the ground at the same time, please see a physician immediately as everyone knows that heavier things fall faster than lighter things. If you see a rainbow after splitting white light in a prism, this is also an abberant event in your consciousness and should be treated with the utmost concern. Personally I believe aliens exist and have been visiting the Earth for some time, perhaps into the thousands of years. But they aren't exactly physical beings you can poke with a stick. They have an ephemeral quality, able to slide in and out of our perceptual field. There is a certain malleability inherent in their appearances, and I think that Djinn, angels, faeries, aliens, and "gods" are probably all manifestations of the same "species" of non-human intelligence. Like some of the finer effects of quantum physics, they seem to partake of a different form of reality than rocks or cars or asphalt. But of course, such an inquiry should be shouted down as loudly and often as necessary. Any investigation of what is not already known is an insult to the hardworking scientists who already know they know everything.

Comment Re:whom the gods would destroy they first make mad (Score 0, Offtopic) 258

Honestly, I wish I could express to you in words how happy it makes me to get responses like this. There is nothing more fulfilling in the world than the righteous indignation of the prick'd simian. I really, really want to thank you for your concern and interest. No joke - thank you.

As to my musical preferences, I think Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Jedi Mind Tricks, Talib Kweli, and Sniper provide us with a more authentic and more literate example of the anti-conformist message.

Which is why the media companies are already dead. They pander to the least common denominator and that ultimately satisfies nobody. Bland, artificial vanilla, Diet Coke and upper middle class bourgoisie. As the financial crisis gets more entertaining, fewer and fewer people will be interested in the message.

Comment Re:whom the gods would destroy they first make mad (Score 0, Offtopic) 258

Conformists are the murderers of civilizations

Of course, non-conformity in one respect is often a signal that a person will have oppositional-defiant disorder in other locations as well. A person who refuses instruction in school will often be found to be intractable by religious leaders seeking to save their soul. An anti-authoritarian personality will disrupt the just and proper function of society everywhere they go; another example is insisting on a trial even when they know they're guilty. They should all be culled, but the tragic irony is that the intelligence required to maintain our institutions is the same intelligence that naturally grows in opposition to them.

Comment whom the gods would destroy they first make mad (Score 0, Flamebait) 258

Who cares? Does anybody still watch that crap? All mainstream media outlets are giant dinosaurs too stupid to realize they're already dead. There's virtually nothing good on television anyway; ad revenues are plummeting as consumers have no more money to spend, and anybody savvy just uses BitTorrent anyway.

Good to see these propaganda arms of the State cannibalizing each other, kuru and death should follow soon enough.

Comment Re:too much political bias (Score 0, Offtopic) 632

They do not call for the "destruction" of Israel. They call for the dissolution of the political entity of Israel and the institution of a democratic government which grants citizenship equally to everyone born within the borders. A democratic one-state solution. But people like you can't differentiate a government from the people; that's why you're able to believe such ridiculous nonsense about the "threat" of Iran. Most Iranians are like most people anywhere - trying to build a prosperous life and be left the fuck alone by their own government and everyone else. Wake up! Groups of people are all basically the same!!

There is a fundamental and obvious difference between calling for the dissolution of a hostile government, and calling for the deaths of 7 million people.

Comment Re:too much political bias (Score 0, Troll) 632

This is what is repeated by Western media outlets ad nauseum, that is correct. I, for one, do not believe the vast majority of the things I read and hear. As for you, your sources are obviously Western mass media.

As for me, I read Ynet. I read Haaretz. I read Al Jazeera. I read Al-Manar. I read PressTV. I read Russia Today. I read McClatchey. I read UrukNet. I read the Army Times. I read Lebanon Star. I read several blogs, especially the Angry Arab.

You are repeating shit you heard on the idiot box and absorbed through cultural osmosis. I read dozens of sources and piece together my own narrative from opposing viewpoints. I do not believe these ridiculous, self-congratulatory stories about why it's a sad tragedy when Western nations kill Muslim civilians but it's demonic freedum-hating evil when Muslims kill Western civilians.

Comment Re:too much political bias (Score 0, Troll) 632

What the fuck are you talking about?

I think "Jews" are the second best example of a granfalloon in the world. IE: a meaningless category. In the Vonnegut book Cat's Cradle, a vapid woman latches on to the protagonist because they are both "Hoosiers." She spends the whole book making reference to the fact that they share some kind of imaginary similarity because they are both from Indiana.

People who claim to be Jews, well, what of it? If you meet someone on the internet and they claim to be a Jew, you have learned absolutely nothing about them. You don't know where they live, you don't know what they eat, you don't know what they believe religiously, you don't know how they spend their Sundays. You don't know what their ethnic heritage is or what other language they may speak. You have not learned anything about them as a person.

Hitler bought into the granfalloon of Jews just as foolishly as "the Jews" themselves have. "Jew" is an artificial category and an external identification for someone who doesn't have enough of themselves inside themselves to fill themselves up with themselves.

You say "Jew," I say "So what?"

Comment Re:too much political bias (Score 3, Interesting) 632

1. Lebanon is a RINO - Republic in Name Only. Consider the huge population of disefrachized Palestinians who have been living in camps for the past fifty years. Lebanon-born "Palestinians" have it as bad as they would have it in Israel. Jordan is also guilty of this.
2/ Why is Hezbollah a "terrorist" organization? They fight in wars to keep their land free of occupation. Wars result in civilian deaths. Is this news? IDF kills civilians. Hezbollah kills civilians. Hamas kills civilians. Islamic Jihad kills civilians. US Army kills civilians. Either one is terrorist or they all are; as for Hezbollah, at least they fight on their own land and not the land of others.
3. Whatever your opinion, Hezbollah has stated that while it receives funding and support from Iran, they are not a puppet and are Lebanese fighting for Lebanese sovereignty. Consider that in the last war Christians and Druze both fought in Hezbollah and supported Hezbollah by overwhelming majority. In fact, Hezbollah offers a non-confessional alternative to the country's entrenched political system which is based entirely and sickeningly on religion

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