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Comment Re:It's not dead. (Score 1) 791

They already did-ish, for Visual Studio 2012, by making an extension to use a predefined VS2010-like color scheme or custom ones.

It's neither a full reversal nor an apology for the sudden rash of Full Retard spasms from their marketing and UI departments, and oh-so-certainly not enough to get me to give my street address just to register to use a more horrible-looking VS Express, but it's slight progress. Like, 0.3% of the giant leap back they took.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 0, Offtopic) 57

I don't blame timothy per se; it's more likely the nebulous Management (Geeknet? Dice? whoever was above even them who decided that /. should go from Taco to Geeknet to Dice?) ordere^Wasked timothy and friends to put their names behind (articles that link to) that corporate section of the site, that it may lend some community cred and ad hits to what is otherwise indeed an utterly worthless whitepaper-fest.

Now whether timothy can lend some community cred to anything is a whole other matter. ;)

Comment A week later... (Score 1) 471

(A week later...)

Neither Weichert nor Facebook's privacy officers would comment on the record, but a member of the ULD who wished to stay anonymous said "We're glad we could come to this agreement. Facebook is a wonderful free service. We hope to continue to...accommodate service," as he caressed his monitor and looked over deposits to his bank accounts.

Comment Re:It says... (Score 1) 135

[It says] Larry Page is a dictator. A tyrant...

It also says he hasn't really changed much in the past few years.

Tensions erupted during a meeting with about a dozen executives at Google's Mountain View, Calif., headquarters about 18 months ago when Messrs. Page and Brin shouted at each other over how aggressively Google should move into targeting, according to a person who had knowledge of the meeting. "It was awkward," this person said. "It was like watching your parents fight."

Mr. Brin was more reluctant than Mr. Page, this person said. Eventually, he acquiesced and plans for Google to sell ads targeted to people's interests went ahead.

I often go back to that article when I hear Page-did-this, Page-did-that, and I love to, because everything that has gone wrong with Google, its transformation into a marketer paradise, and Brin's general fawning for him since, can be traced to it. It's easy for people to love you and build your goals when you give them no other damn choice.

Comment Re:Obama (Score 2) 101

Yeah, this falls right into the "Good luck with that!" pile--even if this were a serious proposal, it's already a dead one.

Flickr holder YHOO and FB are now in a "strategic alliance", and it's very safe to say the less financially successful of the two would rather listen to their more profitable partner than...

  1. ...some random guy on the internet, or...
  2. ...a POTUS who can barely convince even wealthy companies to conform to a Federal healthcare law, or the GOP to not try to kill it. (No, his strength is of a different and scarier kind, and though he has nerd blood I don't think it's dominant enough for him to give a shit about yet another site with random user-submitted pictures.)

So expect nothing (if not less) from this.

Comment Re:That.... (Score 1) 70

Yup, sounds like your usual solid waste slang. Yes, it uses an extruder in the "printing" process but would I really want customers to remember it like that!?

I'll eventually get some sort of 3d printer in any case though. At some point I'd want to print out swag witches and staves and stuff to go with my ever-longer attempts to make a game. The experience (and money, and government regulations) would be fun.

Comment Re:I don't understand what the problem is. (Score 1) 55

Concur. If you absolutely must make one of those marketing-porn pics the sole content of your next tumblr post, at least put some damn alt and maybe longdesc* attributes with meaningful info.

Those of us who still can see get stuck with elinks sometimes, after all.

*Thank you, HTML5, for giving me yet another reason to loathe you.

Comment "Deeply divided" over what now? (Score 1) 354

Wednesday's announcement marks a rare show of consensus at the International Telecommunications Union meeting in Dubai, where delegates remain deeply divided over whether to endorse greater government sway over the Internet.

Say what now? I'm pretty sure we have consensus here that that's Complete And Utter Bullshit. The only point of dispute there is which government(s) get the greater sway (because they all want authoritarian power over content and delivery for their own reasons); and the only dispute here is whether the US or one of the other govs would be less horrible (and the comments I've read thus far mostly sway toward the US).

But yeah, of course governments want more power over the internet. Those that don't just need to be...convinced.

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