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Comment Re:Remove keys from ignition? (Score 1) 1176

I've never understood why cars and the like don't have fuel cut-off mechanisms available to the driver.

The few boats I've been on had - they was a tag/cord you could yank, and when done it would physically block the fuel line.

I could see this as being one of the first things that could be done after a major accident. Yank the handle, chances of a fire shoot right down.

Comment Re:Remove keys from ignition? (Score 1) 1176

You don't always have a discrete pump, it could function from sucking pressure from the mechanical injectors (which could be driven by the gearbox... driven by the engine). Only the real modern (and expensive) engines are driven by electrical control.

This is one of those reasons they have governors. Without it, the engine would runaway and destroy itself, as more engine output means more fuel draw which means more engine output etc...

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