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Comment Good old Holywood (Score 5, Insightful) 283

...a film does well and they start looking for the next easy cashin. Think back to how the recent comic adaptions were kick started by the likes of Xmen, one does well and all of a sudden there is a bandwagon trundling down the hill.

Now a giant robot film has done well so the bandwagon looks for the next passenger it can send down. Personally I think voltron will tank. Hardly anyone knows what it is and it lacked that 'cool' factor when I was a kid growing up, even my father knew what transformers were then and wanted to see the film now. But Voltron?

Its over reaching and says straight to dvd.

I know I know, flamebait, troll, whatever you want but this is just my opinion from the UK, in the US it might be different.

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