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Comment Re:umm... reflection (Score 1) 291

Or just make sure the path of the warhead stays in a path which would cause damage to something the group sending the laser owned if the beam went through the missile. You would then blow the missile up right as soon as it detected a laser beam first touching it. Then the laser beam would continue on to a friendly target with nothing to dissipate it until then.

Comment Re:umm... reflection (Score 1) 291

So are you saying there is no possibility to reflect said laser beam without destroying the missile? Materials are certainly available that can take the heat while reflecting a good percentage of the beam reducing the amount of heat on the missile itself. Some high power lasers actually reflect the beam internally to help get to a high power level.

Comment Re:buh? (Score 1) 642

It seems obvious to me too that rolling back transactions is a major sign of instability. At any moment your transfers could be declared invalid (not related at all to your transaction) and rolled back. If that doesn't show a major sign of problems with the bitcoin system I don't know what does. Could you imagine the uproar with vendors if Visa or Mastercard decided to rollback the last days worth of transactions? I actually was interested in bitcoins because of previous articles but I would say this isn't for me after this.

Comment Re:Physical Access (Score 2) 186

Unbreakable as in the resources required would be very significant to get access... yes. Laptops that use pre-boot authentication have solutions to protect them as long as they are powered off when stolen. The problem with phones of any kind is that they are always powered on so a pre-boot authentication scheme does not work for them. Even if you tried to protect the key the device has to have it in memory to decrypt the data so there could be a way to get it. For those using "GOOD for Enterprise" instead of the built-in exchange functionality you are protected. GOOD is a separate app that requires a pass phrase to access the data. I don't really like this solution because it is not integrated but that is a benefit from a security standpoint.

Comment Re:240/4 subnets (Score 1) 312

Do you seriously think that updating router firmware, firewalls, etc would be harder than migrating to IPv6? IPv6 transition would be much more difficult. Devices have to support IPv6 for them to work. Fixing routing just needs a relatively simple change on the router/firewall.

Comment About time something is done (Score 1) 132

I have been following this issue for awhile now which also affects CentOS 4 and CentOS 5. For setting up Linux firewall systems it can be a big security risk for interfaces to come up differently on a reboot. There are workarounds but an out of the box solution would surely make setting up firewalls easier on Linux.

The details are in the redhat bug here:

I use the fix where you tell udev to ignore ethernet cards and let the normal modprobe.conf load the modules.

/etc/udev/rules.d/10-local.rules add the following:

SUBSYSTEM=="pci", SYSFS{class}=="0x020000", OPTIONS="ignore_device"

Comment It is all about the battery life (Score 5, Interesting) 187

The big advantage to the iPad for me is that it lasts all day on battery with just about constant usage. I know that it is always available if I need it without needing to find an outlet. I sometimes go 2 days without charging it. That nvidia dual core CPU I have a feeling will drain the batteries pretty quickly when something makes heavy use of it. I sure hope they put a big battery in it. If they do I would probably end up getting one. If it only lasts 5 hours on battery under medium use then it will be useless to me.

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