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Comment Re:Stalking vs Surveillance (Score 1) 387

"Almost everyone being filmed there, on the other hand, acted aggressively"

We do not know how many people were actually tested in this way. This might be the 25 out of 2000 which were the most disturbed. The other 1975 people might have gracefully handled the situation. I don't believe that but we just don't know.

Comment Re:If I recall..... (Score 2) 333

I read an article that researches slowed light down to an almost stand still awhile back. So what would happen if you slowed light down on one of the two entangled particles and then read the one that was not slowed down? Would the slowed down light particle then flip to what it should be or would is take awhile for it to do so? It would be an interesting test I think.

Comment Re:If I recall..... (Score 2) 333

Taking it to a simple level...

You take 2 pieces of paper. Mark one as A and mark the second as B. Without looking at them you randomly put each into an envelope and send one to a remote location. You both open them at the same time and know that the other person has the opposite paper. The remote envelope had to travel by normal means. It was not teleported anywhere. The travel time is how long it took for you to send the envelope to the remote location.

They really should rename this to quantum encoding or something along those lines.

Comment iOS has a note taking app with that ability (Score 2) 364 "...Each note acts as a link directly to the point at which it was recorded, taking you instantly to what you want to hear! Didn't take any notes during the meeting? No problem, you can add them later!"

Comment Re:been there done that 17years ago (Score 1) 122

That resolution is not really correct for Virtual i/o glasses from the 90's. I still have the setup in a box in my closet. The maximum input resolution is correctly 640x480. What you actually get displayed though is half of that per eye. It is most noticeable with text. The resolution is not good at all.

Comment Re:Wouldn't surprise me. (Score 1) 228

That is the first thing that came to my mind. I would be surprised if other governments didn't have moles in most big software companies. It wouldn't even take that because some of the software is created in other countries like firewall software which has potential access to a lot of networks.

Comment Everyone should be outraged. Even RIAA employees. (Score 5, Insightful) 420

That fine is way out of line from what a person could ever pay back. I can't even save enough for my 3 kids to go to college let alone 675,000. I can understand they would want some amount of penalty but that is way out of line. Hmmm.... I wonder how much the judges get every year salary. Maybe that is the disconnect. They think the person can just save for 5 years and pay it back. We need a part of the government that is working for the people to look for punishments that are way out of line for the crime. Why don't we have a part of government that does this? They would have to not be allowed to accept third party donations of any kind. Congress is supposed to be doing this job but based on verdicts like this it is obvious they are failing us.

Comment Re:Website half gone (Score 1) 192

Probably because they have to determine how to make a real device now that they have an empty box on the table and their movement that was choreographed to sync up with the computer display video. There is way too little info on the website to make me believe it is even slightly a real demo.

Comment Re:(Self-replying, I apologize) (Score 1) 216

You are of course correct. The naming of this is very misleading to everyone that hears it for the first time (and probably 100 times after that). The data is encoded on one side. You keep one local. You send the other entangled half to another remote spot and then read them both. This should be referenced as quantum encoding or quantum entanglement only and not have the name teleportation at all in it when discussing the process.

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