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Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 392

Apple is trying to claim control over ALL uses of the (sub) term 'Pod',
Did you even read the synopsis? Let me help you out:
Apple has issued warnings to makers of other electronic devices containing the word 'pod.'
Electronic devices! Electronic devices with the name "pod" in them, quite plainly suggests a link to Apple, their good will and their standards.
MS still only gets to use Windows when talking about THEIR OS.
True, but more importantly nobody else gets to talk about windows in relation to an operating system. Which is exactly what Apple are stopping other people from doing with their trademark.Nobody gets to call an electronic device an anything-pod because its not an apple product.
You sniffing much glue these days?
It shows how really slow you are; that you can't make your arguments do the talking instead of hitting the personal insults.

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