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Comment This is a great idea! (Score 1) 211

I also support other such measures like:

Stripping people of their cars for speeding.

Banning certain people from owning hammers after being sued in civil court for a case only tangentially involving a hammer.

Chopping the dicks off of sex offenders.

Taking aspirin to pretend I don't have cancer.

Making razor blades illegal to stop cocaine abuse.

Comment What? (Score 1) 162

Now that the rock formation is gone, its just another chunk of rock... why not find something equally iconic instead of lamenting the loss of something of vague importance...

QUICK! We have to shellac the grand canyon so it doesn't eventually decay into something not so awesome...

Time will make dust of us all anyway. I'm hearing wonderful things about photography these days.

Comment Ski Resorts (Score 1) 252

I run lifts at a ski resort. The actual "work" (ie shoveling, pushing buttons) is only about 1-2 hours a day. On the other hand I have to be alert and paying attention to what's going on for about 7-8 hours a day to keep people from killing themselves with a 3 million dollar machine. I certainly can't be browsing slashdot every 10 minutes :P

Ski breaks are just as good though.

Comment So what.... (Score 1) 258

we all drive around with ethernet cables hooked to rollers on the side of the freeway?

Or maybe it'll use the cellular network, but I don't see many people paying mobile phone prices to access the internet...

Someone more observant than I maybe want to point out the technical details?


Submission + - UK's Blair Responds to Car Tracking Petition

Garrett Fox writes: The response by British PM Tony Blair to the online petition against universal surveillance of every car in Britain has been released. Slashdot covered the tracking proposal itself here, and recently covered Blair's rejection of a petition against national biometric ID cards. The anti-tracking petition gathered over 1.7 million supporters before its pre-arranged deadline Tuesday. Blair's reaction? This is purely about "road pricing" and fighting congestion, not surveillance... "But there may also be opportunities presented by developments in new technology." This claim is inconsistent with old reports like this that the system was designed to fight crime.

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