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Comment How is this news ? (Score 1) 605

I mean, anyone that's even remotely familiar with the University system knows that degrees have always been a hit or miss indicator.

Honest to God, once Universities stopped teaching people Latin, the quality of a degree was a joke.

And all the degrees you can get without any significant Philosophy or History aren't worth the toilet paper I flush every morning.

And all you PolySci and MBA's - go fuck yourselves. The only people worse than you are the ones that go into advertising.

Teaching people to think for themselves, to question, to create - these are things of the past. You're on your own. Choose wisely, and don't expect to be rewarded by the stupid and banal for it. Just do it because it's awesome.

Comment If you don't like it... (Score 1) 597

Write your congress person that made this happen.

You can blame the President, blame a particular party, blame anyone randomly that you want.

The authority to permit this lies in Congress; THEY allowed this to happen, it's THEIR responsibility to fix it, and OURS to demand that they do.

For all the bitching here, I don't see anyone actually making any suggestions or efforts. Whining just makes you a whiner. DO something that actually matters.

Comment Come on... (Score 1) 644

The best investment isn't dumping money into making finite fossil fuel production more efficient. It's in investing in AMERICAN companies and technologies, the way the Chinese are investing in Chinese companies and technologies...

Sure, we should use the finite sources of fossil fuels we have as efficiently and cleanly as is possible. But certainly not at the expense or exclusion of alternatives.

It is not an either/or proposition, and never has been. Presenting it as such is a fallacy that does nothing good for the long term.

China is undercutting American production of a lot of things, and harming American industries, American workers, and American security. And it's doing it with the help of unscrupulous and well connected American corporations.

THAT is the real story here obfuscated in the typical Fox News way. Now lets insist our useless Congress DO something about it, or kick the whole lot of them out of office until we get someone in there that will put American interests first over corporate interests.

Comment Re:Lead balloon argument (Score 1) 626

He's not the only one that says so.

Just how many billions can the planet sustain ?

The assumption that the kind of population growth we've had the last 200 + years can go on is one worth questioning.

Billions will die. Billions. Many of us might actually be around to witness it. Hopefully not me. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. The dead could very well be the lucky ones.

Comment Others ahve explained the situation better than I (Score 1) 626

"What will happen when you finally occupy every planet in this galaxy?"

Captain Gorsid's puzzled eyes met Yoal's, then flashed to Veed, then Enash. Enash shrugged his torso negatively, and felt pity for the creature.

The man didn't understand, possibly never could understand. It was the old story of two different viewpoints, the virile and the decadent, the race that aspired to the stars and the race that declined the call of destiny.

"Why not," urged the man, "control the breeding chambers?"

"And have the government overthrown!" said Yoal.

He spoke tolerantly, and Enash saw that the others were smiling at the man's naivete. He felt the intellectual gulf between them widening. The creature had no comprehension of the natural life forces that were at work.

The man spoke again:

"Well, if you don't control them, we will control them for you."

From Van Voght's "The Monster/Resurrection"

Comment If you can't figure out how to tweak (Score 1) 588

Windows and remove unnecessary files, you probably aren't going to notice how much free space you have on your flash drive anyway.

The whole point is cloud compatibility; you don't need a TB of local storage anymore. Things have changed, though it's always interesting to note what proportions of the posting /. crowd are still living in their mom's basements in 1996 !

Comment This latest pitch for immigration reform... (Score 1) 689

Could be viewed as just another way to ensure cheap labor and corporate masters.

For all the talk here about foreign students paying their way, and how great it is to make "friends" with your former enemies from abroad, I have to wonder where you all were when the Chinese MBA's started buying up US companies and replacing their staffs with Chinese speaking immigrants, and where you all were when the massive outsourcing devalued tech and manufacturing jobs.

You will serve your corporate masters well in the new world order !

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