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Comment Re:They don't do much (Score 1) 150

So your objection is the inherent impurity of altruism itself ?

Why shouldn't rich people pay big bucks to ride out the Apocalypse they're afraid of, the one they've helped bring about ?

They should what, be able to do it for free ?

Or would it be more "altruistic" to just give these shelters to the poor - oh, THAT would certainly go down really well...

Comment When you look back in 11 year increments (Score 0) 727

Hardware that is so obsolete is ridiculous.

In the real world, we upgrade and adapt to remain competitive.

People clinging to 11 year old hardware and OS's are simply incompetent. Sure there will always be niches where it's simply unnecessary to upgrade, but those are few and far between.

I wont even touch 11 year old hardware; it's junk.

Antiques are certainly nostalgic, but I'm not in the business of nostalgia, I'm in the business of keeping my clients competitive and able to get the work they need done, done.

There are people who look ahead, and there are people who look back. I live in the present while looking always towards the future, and successful businesses do too.

It really IS that simple.

Comment What about the "religious hatred" of gay people ? (Score 1) 1160

It's remarkable how extreme and outrageous many religious people are when it comes to the statements they make about gay people, much of it is outright defamation, and most of it is just plain false and slanderous, and obviously designed to foster hate.

I say let all these religious hypocrite assholes get exactly hat they want - but they aren't going to like it applied to themselves one bit.

Comment Re:So what happens... (Score 1) 319

I'd agree if "the team" was doing something that had appropriate monitoring and participation from everyone that could be impacted.

But they haven't. They've done something massive with little to no regard to who it may impact, and they've intentionally left organizations and people out of the loop so that if something catastrophic goes wrong, it will be difficult to prov they did it, and be held responsible.

So, no, this isn't about "learning something" it's about some scumbags going for carbon credits. Its a carbon credit lottery, and the potential biggest losers didn't even have the choice weather to buy the tickets.

Comment Re:Revenge? (Score 1) 550

A lynch mob NEVER has the "right" aggressor.

Even when they manage to have the correct one, what they're doing isn't right. When a mob appoints itself to be judge, jury, and executioner - you've lost civilization.

A bunch of anonymous people on the internet is not a substitution for justice; it's a reversion to a kind of tribal pack mentality. /. calls anonymous posters anonymous cowards for a reason - that's what they are.

Comment When you have 800 Imams (Score 1) 515

Protesting something so stupid, and none saying "really ? who cares" That tells me all I need to know about Islam and most Muslims. Go back to the middle east, you don't belong in the West, and we're NEVER going to change to accommodate you. EVER. Get the fuck out. There. I said it. Because it's true. LEAVE. We're NEVER going to change this basic right to accommodate you. EVER. It doesn't matter how many of us you murder. Get the fuck OUT.

Comment Blame China (Score 1) 386

But it's American corporations that just can't wait to shove this shit down our throats.

And if you don't think they've already shoved plenty of similar shit down our throats, you hav enot ben paying attention.

We have the most adulterated food supply in the world here in the US. We don't even have the most basic right, to know everything that's IN the food we buy. Our labeling laws have given the US food industry unprecedented control over our lives and health.

It's time American consumers demanded full food disclosure. The dirty little secret of the food industry needs to be told.

Comment When are we going to take China seriously ? (Score 1) 288

Neither candidate has the integrity to do so.

Everyone's been in such a hurry to do business with China and India, nobody is prepared to make certain that standards are followed or that products are safe.

Dead pets from contaminated pet food, putrid, spoiled "Danish" buttercookies made in Ching Chang Chung sold at major drug stores, everybody saw the big profit potential but nobody bothered to do what needed to be done to guarantee safety, and nobody has ant real legal recourse when they're harmed.

Once again, American greed has been exploited to bankrupt the nation, and flood the markets with inferior products, with very little to no government regulation or oversight.

Products that break and war out fast, no real customer service, and a lot of garbage - that's what these Chinese imports have given us.

Enjoy the throw-away global culture built on the cheap labor of low wage overseas slaves, make excuses for the real spoils of American greed and corportocarcy, but don't pretend you don't know or can't see where all this is going to lead.

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