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Comment Re:SteamOS (Score 1) 313

Seems like a halfway solution from locally hosting and streaming the way Onlive did it. Steam already does achievements & progress syncing in some games but it'll be awesome when/if you'll be able to pause the game, then pic it up from your mobile device from the exact same spot and graphically reduced if required.

Comment Re:Price of iControlPad (Score 0) 191

Yeah the pricepoint blows and none of this will likely happen. There's a number of 3rd party controllres but the problem is that they don't have official support so they're not in every game. If Apple atleast had a standard/universal controller support it would be awesome. If Apple they did the wiimote thing where it's a remote control for the TV but you could use it as a gampead - ah, we can dream, heh.

Comment Apple & Gaming (Score 1) 191

Apple seems to hate gaming. If they just released a solid bluetooth gamepad for Apple TV & iPads they could destroy consoles. What would you rather do: 1) Buy your kid an expensive console with $60 games. 2) Buy your kid a ton of $1 app style games with a system you may already own. Mind you, the production quality of AAA $60 games is a huge step up but some of them app games are pretty damn good for $1.

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