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Comment Re:Windows-only game? (Score 1) 231

Civilization Revolutions is not "Civilization on the console", it's "Civilization for casual gamers". There's no technical reason why Civ IV or Civ V couldn't be ported to console without any loss in functionality, it's just that whatever focus groups they talked to fell for the Wii myth that console gamers have a 5 minute attention span.

I've spent hundreds of hours playing Morrowind and Oblivion on a console, and would have loved to see a full Civilization console port.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 742

it's not a case of "big bad windows" at all. The only politics is in your head.

It's a case of learning to be flexible and understanding the concepts rather than rote learning of a tool.
Its the same principle that has universities teach programming languages you probably won't use in the workforce, and why high schools offer spoken languages you'll probably never really use.

Comment Re:LEGO and BASIC (Score 1) 458

If you think QBasic is the reason you're not a programmer, then I'm afraid the reason is a little deeper than that.

QBasic is a fully featured, structured language. It bears very little resemblance to the BASIC seen on 80s 8bit computers. But even if you learnt with traditional BASIC, it still shouldn't have scarred you for life. You should have been aware of the limitations of the language, and been adapting the good design in your head to fit within its constraints - rather than letting the constraints dictate the design.


Hard-Coded Bias In Google Search Results? 257

bonch writes "Technology consultant Benjamin Edelman has developed a methodology for determining the existence of a hard-coded bias in Google's search engine which places Google's services at the top of the results page. Searching for a stock ticker places Google Finance at the top along with a price chart, but adding a comma to the end of the query removes the Google link completely. Other variations, such as 'a sore throat' instead of 'sore throat,' removes Google Health from its top position. Queries in other categories provide links to not only Google services but also their preferred partners. Though Google claims it does not bias its results, Edelman cites a 2007 admission from Google's Marissa Mayers that they placed Google Finance at the top of the results page, calling it 'only fair' because they made the search engine. Edelman notes that Google cites its use of unbiased algorithms to dismiss antitrust scrutiny, and he recalls the DOJ's intervention in airlines providing favorable results for their own flights in customer reservation systems they owned."

Immaculate Conception In a Boa Constrictor 478

crudmonkey writes "Researchers have discovered a biological shocker: female boa constrictors are capable of giving birth asexually. But the surprise doesn't end there. The study in Biology Letters found that boa babies produced through this asexual reproduction — also known as parthenogenesis — sport a chromosomal oddity that researchers thought was impossible in reptiles. While researchers admit that the female in the study may have been a genetic freak, they say the findings should press researchers to re-think reptile reproduction. Virgin birth among reptiles, especially primitive ones like boas, they argue may be far commoner than ever expected."

Comment Re:Well... (Score 2, Interesting) 224

I've yet to discover an android app that's incompatible with my phone.
Maybe that's because the Galaxy S has a superset of currently available features - but as far as my experience with a user goes, I don't care. All I know is I haven't seen personal evidence of the much talked about fragmentation and incompatibility.

Unlike my previous experiences with J2ME, where pretty much no applications ever worked with my phone, no matter which manufacturer it was from, or if they did work, they were very clunky (like not taking advantage of a touch screen)

Comment Re:Next step to prevent PC piracy (Score 1) 795

I doubt there's a big increase in exposure in having a game pirated vs having a decent demo available.

I don't know if this game in particular had a demo, but World of Goo does, and it's a good demo that more than sells the game to you, particularly given the low price of World of Goo.

If you don't want to pay for a game, that's your decision, but never pretend you're doing the developers a favour.

Comment Re:Argh, the examples suck (Score 2, Insightful) 973

For information the transaction is different. If I have money and you have information, after the transaction, I have information but no money, you have money AND still have the information. It is a fundamentally different sort of transaction. This difference is at the heart of most discussions on information sharing / stealing / selling. We want to make it look like a physical good, but it isn't!

and that is why his sheet music costs $3.99, not $39,000

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