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Comment Re:Summary: app developer breaks rules, is denied. (Score 1) 329

I had a problem with that too, except the thing people were purchasing wasn't something that could be purchased through the app store. The app required registration to load the full content, and that registration was provided when the user attended a live training event. The app has some functionality without registration, but the full content is only available to people who have attended the training.

Apple viewed this as an external purchase and rejected an app update (the update was to fix a math error, nothing else) After scheduling a conference call, never receiving that call, and resubmitting the app 5 times - it was finally approved.

I can appreciate that they want to keep their platform clean, I can also appreciate that they want to squeeze every penny of profit from the app store - but what I don't appreciate is their lack of consideration to the people who are developing these apps. Missed appointments, inconsistent application of the secret approval guidelines, and the long-long wait between submission and approval or denial - the app store is an unnecessarily hard pill to swallow.

Comment Re:Crossing my fingers (Score 1) 179

I'm reminded of a Mars movie that I saw in my youth (I spent a few minutes trying to remember the name, but it escapes me... even with internet help). In this movie, the native (humanoid) martians drove (wind powered?) boats and the (helmet-less) astronauts threw their garbage everywhere - throwing into streams was popular, as I recall. I remember watching it to the end.

Does anyone remember this one?

Comment UDID was always possible (Score 2) 188

Before IOS5, it was a simple process to get the UDID and use it for any purpose you wanted. Then, Apple decreed it off limits. It was still there, but your app would get rejected if they found you were using this restricted method.

My solution - get the Wifi MAC address. It's unique, available, and Apple doesn't stop anyone from getting it. So why would anyone send the IDFA, which the user can disable - when they could send a MAC address - which the user cannot disable?

Comment Re:Babylon 5 (Score 1) 409

I think that you might be able to hear shots in space - your own, as they were activated and the operational noise vibrated throughout your own ship. Additionally, I think that a good combat space fighter might have a computer that would provide some audible feedback about the environment - and create vectored sound to alert the pilot of passing ships. It might even provide alerts when enemy ships fired in his general direction. It's not too far fetched - many cars emit audible tones when in reverse and something gets too close to the rear bumper.

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