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Comment Re:Avoid Django (Score 2) 287

As a counter-point, I built my web app on Django after messing with PHP for too long, and love it. It's clean, easy to understand and the documentation is pretty good - although I agree it could be better, but then it's free and I can contribute... My app has been Django-powered for four years now and is fairly complex from a data point of view.

Comment Re:No appeal? (Score 1) 157

"Special interest group"? To protect their interest, they are trying to enforce laws that are currently being broken. Seems reasonable to me. Hopefully, this will deter the casual downloader who isn't particularly aware of the illegality of what they are doing. Obviously, determined downloaders will get around any block BT can put in place, but it sends out a message.

Comment Re:Yay (Score 1) 294

That isn't what the "loud" button did. It boosted the bass and the treble to compensate for the human hearing system's natural roll-off of highs and lows at lower volumes:

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