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Comment Jellyfish Heaven (Score 1) 280

Jellyfish heaven
In the big blue sea
Where it's too cold to surf
And it's too warm to ski
Jellyfish Heaven
Is full of dead

People always saying
"I won't eat jellyfish
'Cause they ain't got no bones
And you can't make a wish"
People always shouting
"Don't go swimming near those things!"
But when they're close to dying
You can hear them sing

Jellyfish heaven
Is not like Japan
Jellyfish heaven
Is not like Thailand
Jellyfish heaven
Is a lot
Like LA

Comment Re:The Australian Government did do this, read on. (Score 1) 212

Additionally, ISPs like Internode, which are the nerds choice of ISP, who also own a significant amount of infrastructure, and were active in dissenting against the prior censorship plans, have been told flat out that they will not be offered such favourable contracts for their infrastructure, in the same week these were awarded.

Uh, I loves the Internode, but they don't own the kind of infrastructure that's important here -- last-mile.

Comment Not just Google (Score 1) 199

This is a standards effort coordinated between the IETF and W3C; see:

While Google is certainly involved, it's a lot more than them, with folks from many companies (including Skype, at least pre-MSFT) participating; see:

Comment Wow (Score 1) 234

Fanboy? check. Paranoid delusional? check. Assert lots of absurdities with no basis? check. Good to see the Slashdot editors are maintaining their standards high here.

Speaking of high...

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