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Comment Re:So only XP is out of luck? (Score 1) 442

Even popular games that are shipping now do not run under it: that tells me it's obsolete.

I would guess that is only because DirectX 10 is not supported on XP - and the reason, I believe, is because MS wanted to force gamers to Vista(It was kind of problematic that people that were first movers did not really move to Vista)

Comment Re:Considerably? (Score 1) 686

Few garbagemen comes up with a great idea(Google, Skype, Facebook whatever) and become really rich men. So it's not really a valid comparisation just to compare the income of an average garbageman and an average programmer. You need add the Bill Gates', Janus Friis' and Larry Page's of the world when you calculate average programmer pay! :)

Comment Re:How would that work (Score 1) 550

So you think it should be perfectly legal to run into a crowd and scream "BOMB!!! HE HAS A BOMB!!!!" While you start running away with your arms flailing?

Not that THAT was the case here, but there ARE limits to "freedom of speech". You CAN say what ever you want but if what you so directly endangers the lives of others I sure hope you will be arrested.

Comment Re:Going back to sleep now... (Score 1) 664

Go out and take a walk and ask people if they miss having a real PC. I bet they do. If they don't now, they will when the capacity for your servers approaches 80%, and then management will be unwilling to invest in more infrastructure.

So your argument is that if you implement thin clients incorrectly, it won't work? :)

I'm not really for or against them, but lets at least get some better arguments against them than this.

Comment Re:Napster et al court cases... (Score 2, Insightful) 327

Doesn't trackerless torrents cut down significantly on the traffic in the tracker/bootnode end of things? So it gets even cheaper to distribute big amounts of non-infringing data?

So what is the downside for someone like Canonical to start using trackerless torrents for ubuntu? As far as I can see they would save on tracker traffic.

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