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Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

To put things into perspective: over the last twenty years, there have been fewer than 200 fatalities in school shootings (including colleges and universities) in the United States. By way of comparison, during that period in the US there have been about 1000 deaths due to lightning strikes, 25 due to (unprovoked) shark attacks, 3000 due to international terrorism, and 200 due to domestic terrorism. So we really ought to be more concerned about lightning and box cutters than about handguns.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

Is there nothing that will wake you wankers up to the reality that guns are a bit of a problem in America?

Comment Re:Nope 45killed in 1927 school, no guns used. (Score 1) 2987
guy blew up a school over taxes.. no guns
169 guns
3000 killed.. no guns..

Yep.. some more laws will make us safe!!

They didn't use nukes either. Might as well let everyone have nukes then.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

I can go into a store today and buy everything needed to blow a building to bits. Remember Oklahoma City? If you don't want a big boom, you can always go the bleach and ammonia route. If you want to kill or maim people in mass quantities, you don't need a gun. You can use a car. Or a plane. I suppose banning planes is next?

Commercial airliners aren't designed to kill people.

Next question.

Comment Re:Yay (Score 1) 2987

More guns will solve the problem!
Fewer guns will solve the problem!

When, in reality, each has it's own set of problems, and both sides are more interested in the idea of being right, and having things a certain way, than what is actually best.

Get the fuck over yourselves, people are hurt and you are using it to fucking proselytize. Enough playing devils advocate to a lot of this shit, pointing towards a more moderate view. You're all a bunch of arrogant bastards who don't give a damn who the fuck gets hurt, so long as you can twist it towards your pathetic agenda.

What's so "pathetic" about an agenda that seeks to end this sort of thing once and for all?

Comment Re:Yay (Score 1) 2987

Gun laws are an oxymoron. Criminals, by definition, do not abide by the laws. So it is only the good people that do not have guns in gun free zones. I do have strong feelings about gun laws but I do not think that this is the time to air them.

My thoughts are with those unfortunate parents whose grief must be too hard for anyone to bear

Oh it's never the right time to talk about gun control, is it? At least that's what gun nuts like you have brainwashed the rest of the population into thinking.

You know, from a certain point of view, you might be right that it's not the right time. Not because it's too soon, but because it's too late.

I think your proclaimed sympathy for the victims would be a bit more convincing if you didn't trot out the usual NRA talking points in an attempt to shut down all discussion about gun control after the latest school massacre.

Comment Re:Yay (Score 0) 2987

But the 2nd doesn't apply... it's a "Gun Free Zone". Isn't this what you wanted?

You are the most despicable piece of crap ever to post on /. How the fuck dare you try to turn this around, blame the anti gun lobby, and have the audacity to post something as disgusting and evil as claiming that someone on the opposite side of this issue "wanted" this to happen. You and your ilk are the cause of this atrocity. You have blood on your hands. I hope there's a hell for you to burn in, you disgusting, disgraceful, sick, twisted shit fuck.

Fuck you. Fuck you to high heaven.

Comment Re:rampage killers (Score 1) 2987

It looks like the first few comments have already been about guns and the second amendment, so I want to throw this out there. There have been spree killings all over the world, even in countries with more restrictive gun laws than the USA. Most of these killings were done with firearms, but many were done with other weapons.

I think that rather than arguing about gun-rights in general, we would be better served by working to identify the kind of people that feel they need to resort to this type of violence and getting them the help they need before they snap.

America is the only country in the developed world where school massacres are a semi-regular event. You people really should shut the fuck up with your diversion of the blame away from where it squarely belongs, at the culture of gun ownership and denial that guns are a problem.

Comment Re:Somebody's got to say it (Score 1) 2987

our country makes it too easy to become a nutcase.

this is a social problem. blaming what tool you use to act out is not helpful.

what would be helpful is finding out why so many americans are stressed out and going crazy on the population. I think we should look at why our society is freaking out. the tool the crazies use is NOT the issue!

we have a culture of anger. that's a place to start looking for solutions.

Fuck off. Guns are designed to kill people and they make it a whole lot easier to do so. What is it going to take to make you fucking yanks wake up and smell the coffee? The rest of the civilized world is looking on in complete and utter bafflement as to why you're still living in this little dreamworld where guns are not a problem. FFS they have mentally ill people in Europe too, but America is the only place in the civilized world where you can expect children to be massacred in their classrooms on a regular basis.

Guns are a problem.
Guns are a problem.
Guns are a problem.

Fact. What is it going to take to get this into your thick skulls?

Stop denying it. Stop fucking denying it!!!!

Comment Re:It is time. (Score 1) 2987

I agree, lets go the Switzerland route and actually require able bodied individuals to own and be trained in firearms. That way, the US too can have one of the lowest firearm crime rates in the world.

Oh, you meant the other direction, didn't you? Right, because the illegality of gun ownership is going to stop someone who walks into an elementary school and opens fire on kids. Dude will be totally scared of breaking that law, right? I mean, the war on drugs worked so well at stopping people from getting drugs...

No, I think he meant bringing the USA up to date with the rest of the civilized world where it's not acceptable that children should be massacred in their schools on a semi regular basis, where gun control laws actually control guns, and where (gasp) gun crime is nowhere near as prolific as in America.

You know what? On a day like this, I think this is a really good time for the "guns don't kill people, people kill people" and the "gun laws don't work" crowd to finally shut the fuck up.

Comment Re:Suck it down (Score 4, Interesting) 121

Suck it down all of you that claimed the Ouya would be vaporware!

I don't believe anyone said that they are vaporware.
  The arguments was -- they may either under-deliver on the specs or go above the $99 cost making it. It seemed pretty convincing to me (in the previous slashdot discussions)

Let's see where it goes

There is always a possibility they will run out of money before they ship all of them.

Quite. Here's another /. prediction that we all remember well:

Raise your hand if you have iTunes ...

Raise your hand if you have a FireWire port ...

Raise your hand if you have both ...

Raise your hand if you have $400 to spend on a cute Apple device ...

There is Apple's market. Pretty slim, eh? I don't see many sales in the future of iPod.

What the fuck is it with /. that attracts so many pessimistic know-it-alls who have to piss on everything on the day of its launch?

How the hell do you know how much money they've got? STFU.

Comment Re:Simple way to improve intersection safety (Score 1) 499

Sorry, but the facts are out there. The number of collisions at intersections is reduced when roundabouts replace stoplights. There are still some collisions, such as sideswipes that you describe, but there's no T-bone collisions at high speed which are lethal. And yes, it replaces stop-and-go traffic with a more gentle trickle. Do you actually prefer to spend ages sitting idling at red lights just so you can spend a few seconds gunning it to the next red light? Maybe you do, but that doesn't help road safety or emissions.

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