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Comment 1000 becquerel isn't that much (Score 4, Informative) 210

1000 bq isn't that much. It might be much compared to the background radiation but to put it in context, recommended values in Sweden after Chernobyl is to not eat meat that radiates more than 1500 bq/kg. This radiation comes from Cesium-137 that mostly rained down over us. And 10 years after we could still kill game (mostly moose) with in excess of 4000 bq/kg. Many residential houses stand on granite that contains radon, and the limits for radiation from radon was 1000 bq/m^2,until 2009 when the EU lowered the limit to 200 bq/m^2. So.. We in Sweden lived with this kind of radiation for quite some time and we don't really consider this a problem. The halflife of Cesium-137 is about 30 years so the radiation is dropping steadily but slowly.

Comment Re:Will it... (Score 4, Insightful) 165

have a die shrink down from 45nm?

Probably not. I haven't heard any word on further development of the Cell BE-processor beyond the 45 nm node. Nor for its cousin, the PowerXCell 8i processor. Sony could probably enable the 8th core though, yields should have risen considerably since 2008.

Comment Re:Who would be the lesser of two evils? (Score 0) 150

Personally I would trust Google to consider user rights a little bit more, but the exploitation of such a system is damn scary.

So you'd rather trust a company who's business model is to sell information collected from and about you to who ever is willing to pay than a company with a reparation to not share any collected information about anything to anyone, no matter what the price?

Comment F-16 Viper? (Score 3, Interesting) 172

It's unusual to have the F-16 referred to as Viper in articles like this. I had to look it up and indeed, it seems to be a common and old nickname for it. I think it suits the aircraft better than the "Fighting Falcon".. I never understood why they had to put the "Fighting" in the name.. wasn't Falcon enough?

Comment Re:Intel: 59% of market (Score 2) 74

You can surely dominate in other respects than market share, no? Look att Apple who completely dominated the cell phone industry from the day they released the iPhone, with exactly 0% market share. Domination can be measured in the means others take to counter the attack. Everyone scuttles against Apple or is about to perish. nVidia and AMD surely dominates the desktop GPU market before Intel since it'sIntel that's playing catch up in means of power and features.

Comment Re:Standard speed == 3.5 GHz (Score 2) 144

Yeah because Hz == Hz? Hmm.. welcome to the MHz Myth. You probably haven't heard of it, but you should. It's like this: Hz a measure of steps per time, like counting number of steps mer minute taken by someone who runs. Imagine a short person and a tall person that take an equal number of steps. Who runs the farthest? The tall man or the short man? Pentium 4 or a Ivy Bridge Core i7? It's not your 10 year old Pentium4.. In case you cot lost in the lesson somewhere.

Comment There is a point (Score 4, Insightful) 569

There is a point for the F22, and that is to suppress all other power's desire to make stuff that will encounter it. That's why the US have nuclear weapons, not to use them but to deter others from using such weapons agains them. So.. it very well might be well spent money.. but we never know, since we won't see the stuff that the F22 is designed to encounter..and that's the point.

Comment Re:Confirmation (Score 2) 146

You don't think that Nokia's recent win against Apple where they settled their disputes has anything ti do with it? It just might be that Nokia's satisfied with what they got from Apple's iPhone which is more than they get from their own smartphone business.

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