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Comment Re:Impact on jobs? (Score 1) 140

Why do republicans always side with large corporations?

The same reason the Democrats do - fund raising. It's not like the Dem's don't have their own corporate favorites, like GE, who wangled waivers from ObamaCare. They now even have their own version of crooked corporate friends in Solyndra.

Comment Re:Inefficient (Score 1) 271

Since power plants aren't things that you can just switch on and off on a whim,

Time to turn in your nerd license while you take a refresher EE/power course. Peaking plants, often natural gas burning turbines, are designed to be turned on and off as needed.

There may be idle machinery, but no wasted electrical potential. What do you think all those thousands of power EEs do with their time if not make sure the grid is reasonably efficient?

Comment Re:Doesn't matter what country you are in... (Score 1) 667

What you suggest might happen in the emergency room is charity. And since when did any offer of charity return a right of control over the charity recipient? That doesn't happen under any set of ethics or morals I know of. Nor is forcing the hospital to give free service a charitable act.

Only a slave owner has the right to demand products or services be given to him or her as a right. There is no right to health care in a free society.

Comment Re:This is new?! (Score 1) 631

It's the reason for Henry Petroski's famous remark that "The most amazing achievement of the computer software industry is its continuing cancellation of the steady and staggering gains made by the computer hardware industry."

Hmm.. Just maybe that extra cycle time might now be spent doing something constructive that we did not do when cycle time was dear? Sending and receiving email used to be quite cheap. But add in cryptographic signatures (rfc 4871) and the cycle time spent on one piece of mail goes up an order of magnitude.

The software industry would be derelict if it didn't try to find something useful and profitable to do with the extra cycles granted it. Well, I suppose there are exceptions. I find to be useful, even if Google doesn't find it profitable.

Comment Re:Does your company lose 10% to IT failure? (Score 1) 242

I agree, but for a different reason. The problem is that IT does improve productivity, it's just that it isn't as much productivity as it maybe could be. This is not $6T that we ever had, it's $6T that we might get if we could perfect IT. But since IT involves people, it's never going to be perfect. Since we never had the $6T to begin with, it's not a loss.

Comment Re:Clogging the bandwidth (Score 1) 572

I was standing on top of a mountain

Standing on a high point tends to give you a clear path to cell towers quite some distance away. Flat land, like North Dakota gives great reception 30 miles from a cell tower as there are no obstructions. And even if it's populated like farm towns in the Midwest, and everybody has a phone - well most farmers spend most time working, not yakking and there aren't enough folks in a 30 mile circle to need that many cell towers.

And labor in Sikkim is probably cheaper than labor in the USA, so building that cell tower was cheaper.

You are right that the business model of locked-in phones is a pain, but your examples of better service are apples & oranges if you are comparing the sparse farmers of Sikkim to the densely packed IPhone users of Silcon Valley.

Comment Re:What took it all so long?? (Score 1) 269

I can't imagine why they don't use them.

A few possibilities:

  • Taxes based on mostly trucking use for diesel - higher than gasoline. I.e. we have slow-footed politicians.
  • Emission standards met only recently, combined with slow footed US car companies
  • Bad history with stupid diesel offers in the past - US car companies never seem to be able to do things right after a mistake. For all their PR money, they never seem to think they are good enough to actually change the consumer opinions about a car, but they do think they can fool them (i.e. After X-cars got a bad name, they just re-labled the cars and the platform).
  • Siberian weather in the midwest - A hard cold snap in the fall can jell summer weight diesel fuel. Getting stranded in the cold just once for such a reason would convinvce the strandee and all their friends and family to never try diesel.

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