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Comment Re:Opinion from a blind guy (Score 1) 550

I quiet disagree. He shouldn't win if the law wasn't written to allow him win. The ADA applies to physical places / public accommodations - not products. Interpreting it this way could lead to the requirement that all books are printed both in ink and in braille.

BTW - I'm really impressed with your Youtube videos and have shared them on my facebook page. LDS is lucky to have you in their ranks.

Comment I don't care and almost no one else does, either (Score 1) 244

We are all use to it. Gmail, everything on Google, banner ads, etc. are all seemingly targeting one way or another (my banner ads are often specific to my geography). Even direct snail mail works this way.

It's not like they are spying on anyone in particular. It isn't personal - it's automated targeting.

Comment Re:Hundred Millions or Hundred Thousands? (Score 1) 293

Jews were disarmed. Poles were invaded by a superior army and then co-operated in their surrender. Saddam's regime was more tyrannical than oppressive and more or less was in a state of war with regions of his own country - some of which was out of his grasp (Kurdistan).

However, the grandparent is right in that tyrannical/oppressive governments are rarely overthrown without outside assistance. See: US revolution.

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