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Comment Re:Class action suit? (Score 1) 548

I know i am attracting the faux news astroturfing drones now, but care to cite how the retirement age protests "..destroyed the economy for the next several years..." considering that was last month? Interested in using your crystal ball to see how my kids have grown.

So you are of the type which just wants to bend over and get fucked by the government? Who in their right mind would want to raise the retirement age? you might enjoy slaving away at work, but most people would prefer to not work until they are dead. Again, if the government is not working for you, you need to change it so it does.

Comment Re:Class action suit? (Score 1) 548

so what you are saying is we should a dictatorship...why muddy the water with differing opinions...we need to get things done. If you do not like it, too bad, deal with it.

Look at how passive and out of touch the USA has become. I highly respect people in France for having massive protests against their government when it does not serve their needs. The USA did this once, but now the people have been brainwashed so heavily that no one protests anything...they just whine and bitch on Slashdot and say they have no choice but to deal with a totally corrupt government _they_ elect.

Comment Re:Class action suit? (Score 1) 548

So, rather than vote for a non Republican, or non Democrat, you are just going to whine and bitch about it? That makes a lot of sense. The only vote wasted is a vote not cast. Your line of thinking is yet another example of how gullible and brainwashed the populace of the USA is. You know Republicans and Democrats are totally corrupt and unethical yet you continue to vote for them.

Comment Re:Class action suit? (Score 3, Insightful) 548

The problem is the customers are the ones responsible for having only Comcast. See, the voters elect politicians who pass laws and ordinances banning competition in the ISP space by granting exclusive franchises. You see a lot of laws being passed now which ban public ISPs. Amazing how people continue to vote for politicians who are so corrupt, but that is what they do. The worst part is, these same people complain about not having a choice of ISPs.

Comment Re:One area in which I appreciate the Java's power (Score 1) 204

.net is just a ripoff of java. Not to mention it is a super expensive, proprietary, patent encumbered Microsoft technologies which limits your choices to only Microsoft products. Mono is garbage and will never be able to do everything that Silverturd and .net does thanks to the proprietary nature of .net. You can create a full Enterprise class system with Java and not pay a penny for software or be locked into a single vendor. Choice is good.

Comment Summary of all posts (Score 0, Troll) 348

"It is way overpriced like all Apple products"

"Closed system sux"

"Apple is going to stamp DRM on your ass"

"It sux because i can not edit feature length movies in HD on it"

"It sux beacuse i can not play the latest games in 1920x1080 at max settings"

"It sux beause i can not download the source for OSX"

"This was not on my Windows Phone 7 talking points power point for astroturfers so I am not sure how to respond."

did i mess any?

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