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Comment Re:How about something besides science? (Score 1) 659

Did you even try to read the article??? "His parents, Jason and Valerie, want him to have a normal teenage upbringing, so for half the day Gabriel attends a small, arts-oriented junior-high school in the Lake Washington School District called Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning, where he takes dance, drama and language arts." He is getting "something besides science"...

Comment Re:IANAL (Score 4, Interesting) 327

The prosecutor fully knows he is barking up the wrong Constitutional tree, but what is really unconcerting is the fact that they are doing this just so that they can find out who "Mr.Fiddlestick" is. Since Google won't reveal who "Mr.Fiddlestick" is without a criminal investigation, they are using this to run around that requirement. I doubt that they will even charge him with the statue. Pretty sickening abuse of power.

Submission + - Online Parody Cartoon Targeted for Prosecution (

SeattleGameboy writes: It seems that Renton (suburb of Seattle) police needs remedial course on US Constitution.

"The Renton City Prosecutor wants to send a cartoonist to jail for mocking the police department in a series of animated Internet videos. The "South-Park"-style animations parody everything from officers having sex on duty to certain personnel getting promoted without necessary qualifications. While the city wants to criminalize the cartoons, First Amendment rights advocates say the move is an "extreme abuse of power."

Comment Re:When do they get the question? (Score 1) 220

I agree, but Alex still reads it aloud. At the very least I am getting the same information in two different ways at two different speeds. That must have some negative impact on the brain. Shouldn't that be factored in as well? If you wanted to be indentical, there should not be Trebek to read the question.

Comment When do they get the question? (Score 5, Interesting) 220

In the article, they mention that the computer gets the question as text. Does anyone know exactly when the computer receives the question? Does it receive when the human host starts talking or when the human host completes the question? If it is when the host starts speaking, the computer is getting at least several second head-start on the humans.

Comment Re:What we really want to know... (Score 1) 108

Funny, how everything comes around. Today, bone marrow is probably one of the top "foodie" gourmet item. All of the celebrity chefs like Bourdain, Riepert, and others sing high praises of bone marrow and routinely feature bone marrow dishes on their shows.

I am sure there are thousands of foodies who would have loved to been in your shoes at the dinner.

Comment Re:Obesity? (Score 1) 698

NYC is a big place with many boroughs where density is lower and people don't walk as much. If you look at the obesity in Manhattan, it is much less.

In fact, there is a study on relationship between BMI and urban environment factors (like public transportation and density). They concluded that urban environment does reduce obesity.

Submission + - SC Primary - First probable voting machine fraud? (

SeattleGameboy writes: South Carolina sure knows how to pick'em. Alvin Greene is a broke, unemployed guy facing a felony obscenity charge. Oh, he is also the brand new Democrat Senate nominee from South Carolina. Tom Schaller at does a detailed analysis of how a guys like this wins a primary race and much of the signs point to voting machine fraud "Those three are Darlington, Horry and Marlboro, and there are two others, Bamberg and Fairfield, with zero residual GOP votes (i.e., the total number of GOP voters in the county is identical to number cast in the GOP gubernatorial), which McDonald informs me is very, very rare." points out ( that South Carolina uses ES&S voting machines which have had strings of problems before and has no audit trail.

Is this the first documented case of voting fraud via voting machines?

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