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Comment Re:Titan's active geology is very cool (Score 4, Insightful) 39

The source of Titan's methane remains a mystery because methane in the atmosphere is broken down over relatively short time scales by sunlight

Hang on a minute: wasn't free methane being used as an indicator of life on Mars? So where does this methane come from?

Kind of. Methane could be generated on Mars either by biological means, or by geological means.

If its geological, then the sub-surface of Mars is more active than we thought.
If its biological in origin, well there's the biggest discovery in human history right there.

For the record, im guessing geological.

Comment Re:Nothing (Score 4, Informative) 340

And where, exactly, do you get paid money to buy a Chromebook?

MacBook Air starts at $999 for the 11" version, so in order to save 1200 bucks, you'd have to be given $201 when getting the Chromebook.

Sounds like a really bad deal for the manufacturer to be honest.

Hi there, you must be very pedantic and love to point out how utterly moronic everybody else is compared to you.

Welcome to Slashdot!
You will fit in quite nicely here.

Comment Re:Would never happen to him (Score 1, Flamebait) 2987

Many a gun proponent has been turned by having a spouse or child killed. The rest just don't believe it can ever happen to them.

Many gun opponents have been turned by having a spouse or child killed, while they watched, defenseless. The rest just don't believe it can ever happen to them.

The street - she runs both ways.

Yes, because as the gun lobby has always said, the only solution to guns is...moar guns!

Fucking retarded idiots.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

And yet America still has the highest gun murder rates. These school shootings happen every year. Nothing changes.

You Americans have an unhealthy obsession with guns and shooting people to death, which i believe is the actual root of the problem.
Look to the rest of the world. We dont have the obscenely high gun murder rates you do, yet many countries have higher gun ownership rates than you, but stricter ownership laws and an order of magnitude less gun murder rates.

Im sorry Americans, but the whole cat is already out of the bag argument doesnt fly anymore.

Your laws and attitudes need to change before you can get a grip on your gun problems. What exactly will it take before you take things seriously and start applying common sense? 100 deaths in one spree? 10 sprees a month? How bad does it have to get before you pull your heads out of the sand and actually sort this shit out?

Comment Re:black. (Score 1) 453

White object radiate less enery but also absorb less. Black objects radiate more energy, but also absorb more.

No, for a given surface temperature, they radiate the same.

Then why does a hot black object, at the same temperate as a hot white object, cool down significantly faster if they are both radiating the same amount of energy?

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