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Comment Re:It's the technology, stupid (Score 1) 435

Even at $1.60 per watt material cost, given power rates in my area, daylight hours, and angle of the sun, it would take a little over ten years to produce $1.60 worth of electricity (22,857 hours at an average of 6 hours per day of peak output). There is no pay back for solar (unless you count grants and tax write offs, but the product cannot pay for itself.)

Nothing wrong with your rough numbers, however, you fail to understand the real plan at work here. Those that intend to force you to use their particular brand of Politically Correct power in the future don't have to drive down the cost of solar. Their plan is to simply and drastically increase the cost of power that they disapprove of. No matter that coal, nuclear, and natural gas could provide the USA with with cheap, plentiful domestically sourced power for the rest of our lives, we're going to have to buy overly expensive and unreliable solar because our political masters are beholden to wackos.

Wackos, I should add, who will profit immensely due to their investments in uneconomic (until you're force to buy it at their prices) Green Energy ventures and carbon offset farms. You're about to be taken for the most expensive ride of your life here -- and in Britain as well.

Comment Re:One benchmark (Score 1) 164

It beats the current crop of dual core ARM processors (Exynos, snapdragon s3 and Tegra 2) in one benchmark that "leaked".

Nothing fishy about that at all.

So it beats (maybe) the ARMs of the moment. But what about the ARMs when Medfield actually ships? And the quad-core ARMs now?

Comment The Best 3 Things About a Fuel-Cell Computing... (Score 1) 215

The best 3 things about a fuel-cell powered computing device:

1: It's instantly rechargable -- just slap on a new fuel tank.

2: It would actually be possible to have an accurate readout of power remaining.

3: It might (hopefully) retain its full capacity for the lifetime of the fuel-cell.

The worst 1 thing about a fuel-cell powered computing device:

1: All of the Apple lawsuits trying to keep anyone else from doing it also no matter how obvious this patent is in foresight.

Comment Re:Surely a Twisty Little Maze (Score 1) 215

The fact that people have been talking about exactly this sort of application for decades would make it not novel and thus not patentable.

The general concept may not be patentable, but specific working implementations may very well be innovative and patentable.

You are in a twisty little maze of what is and is not innovative, what is and is not patentable, what is and is not prior art, what is and is not obvious, what is and is not Apple, and how stupid or stupider the US Patent Office is, all different.

Comment And Who Else? (Score 2) 392

So are this seems to be a question of UMG behaving like thugs (and who is surprised about that?) and their seeming ability to take down anything that they don't like on YouTube without resorting the the DMCA and the requirements and penalties for misuse of same. The unasked question is: And who else also has this ability wrt YouTube via secret agreements?

Comment Re:And you think the DMCA and SOPA are bad. (Score 1) 392

Actually this may be a very good thing. Talk about giving someone enough rope to hang themselves with.
The Megaupload video is so not important. Them taking down the TWIT video podcast really could be a freedom of the press issue and one that overrides their agreement with YouTube.

You can't make that statement without knowing just what the agreement is. Freedom of the press applies to preventing governments from stifling it. Corporations are not bound by the Constitution in the same way.

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