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Comment Gimmick (Score 1, Interesting) 528

Sounds like a gimmick to me.

That being said, I think in the end we're going to have tabbed windows because the future is more likely to be running in a light-weight web-browser interface to the Cloud on any device you can imagine, rather than a resource-heavy hardware-dependent Windows or OS-X environment. How long it will take to get there is the only question.

The improvement we need in this area (are you listening Firefox people) is a way to group tabs the way I can group layers in Photoshop so that I can deal with the whole group (collapse, expand, move) together.

Comment Re:But how can you trust the results?EXCUSE ME... (Score 1) 260

I can't wait until the US government starts banning these things because they could be used by terrorists to design nuclear weapons or something.

Excuse me, BUT...

The first hydrogen atomic bomb was designed back in the days of ENIAC, which could perform .385K multiplies (yes that's point 385K) per second. The atomic bomb was pre-ENIAC. I don't think you need a teraflop of computing power to magically get your Bomb.

Comment Re:Why Windows XP? (Score 1, Funny) 149

As a MacOS and Linux user, I feel really left out put off by this move, why support only Vista and XP...?

If you're a Mac user then you're supposed to already be using the free Kindle reader on your iPhone/iTouch.

What??? You don't have one of those??? Don't you know that you are supposed to own at least one of every toy that Steve Jobs sells. Just what kind of Mac user are you anyway???

Comment It's About Time (Score 1) 149

It's certainly more than past time for this if Amazon is trying to expand their market. Unless the Kindle is total profit (not likely), you want to be selling to as many markets as possible. Besides, for people who read a lot, they'll probably buy a Kindle anyway since it's a lot easier to carry and use for reading than a PC.

Comment Intel Corks Drivers - That's News? (Score 1) 216

So now it's Intel corking their drivers - and this is news? Maybe they're just getting in their practice so that when it comes to Laughabee they'll actually try to make it look competitive.

AMD bought ATI in a panic after they couldn't merge with Nvidia (there wasn't room for 2 giant egos in that single company) to combat Intel Core + Larrabee on the same MCM. Now Larrabee is a no-show for months, if not years, to come and it's time for Intel to start panicking. Core i7 may be good, but AMD + ATI on the same die might be the better fit for most people.

Comment Not Exactly Every Trick (Score 1) 672

and yes I have tried every trick in the book to make them run on Linux)

You haven't tried every trick in the book. You've tried every trick you know.

Why don't you go ahead and list your compilers here and maybe some other reader knows a new trick for you.

Comment Tablets Not Yet Ripe (Score 1) 176

If this were to be my only computer, it wouldn't be a tablet. Nothing currently available that I've seen can fully replace a desktop, or laptop, computer for all the tasks you're likely to want to do with it. Apple may finally change that game, but Apple hasn't arrived yet, and will likely be pricey when it does. I wouldn't want to type in a term paper on a tablet.

Were it me, I'd just get an inexpensive netbook for regular computing tasks, and an iPod Touch for music, video, all kinds of eBooks from Kindle to Stanza, and save the rest of my money for when a good tablet finally does arrive.

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