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Comment Re:Many mod points! (Score 1) 114

Years ago I saw (maybe on 60 Minutes, who knows) a clip about a woman who paid an artist to do an "installation" at her apartment for $10,000. It consisted of a 3" piece of rope nailed horizontally to the wall between the entranceway door hinge and the corner of the room. That's it. It just stuck in my mind as either a glaring example of "conspicuous consumption," or of one affluent person's vulnerability to a line of bullshit. (OTOH, maybe this was all a setup to get on 60 Minutes.)

Comment Re:Chicken! (Score 1) 291

Best yet, it would make it nearly impossible for the MSM to ignore the blackout/SOPA/PIPA. Then watch as they tiptoe around the elephant in the living room: why they haven't been covering SOPA/PIPA up until this point. I will note that CurrentTV did cover SOPA, and then pointed out the lack of coverage with ABC/NBC/CBS, etc.

Comment Renew your domains 1st if they expire soon. (Score 1) 279

I just got through transferring my domains from GoDaddy (about 12 of them), and I was told by GoDaddy customer service that I should renew any domains that expire soon. I have 6 expiring tomorrow and the transfer takes up to 5 days. Unfortunately, I had to pay GoDaddy more money to do this, of course, but it is the last money they will see from me.

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