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Submission + - Someone Just Leaked Obama's Rules for Assassinating American Citizens (

cathyreisenwitz writes: "For over a year now journalists, civil liberties advocates, and members of Congress have been asking the Obama administration to release internal memoranda from the Office of Legal Counsel justifying Obama's targeted killing program.

While the White House continues to deny that such memos exist, NBC is reporting that it has acquired the next best thing: A secretish 16-page white paper from the Department of Justice that was provided to select members of the Senate last June."

Comment Re:Small time providers (Score 1) 246

If you're looking for something that works (almost) everywhere in Canada check out 7-11. I have yet to end up somewhere there wasn't coverage; they use the Rogers towers. Unfortunately they don't offer unlimited voice, just data and texting. Our current plan is unlimited texting and 200 minutes of Canada-wide talk time for $25/mo.

Comment Re:Words with Friends Live! (Score 1) 550

More seriously, try board games! My wife isn't much of a video gamer, but board games were a huge hit with her. Look at things like Agricola, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Carcassonne, and Settlers of Catan. They reward analytical thinking like video games do, so you won't be bored, I promise.

This is exactly what I did with my wife. I couldn't get her to play video games with me so I started playing board games with her instead. I like playing games and I like spending time with her so it was win-win.

Comment Re:active vs. passive? (Score 1) 243

Civil disobedience can be active or passive; the defining trait is that it is done with the intention of forcing a change. It generally involves being ready to accept the repercussions of one's actions as well. Rosa Parks is the best example I can come up with right now. She knew what what happen if she refused to give up her seat but she chose to take a stand anyway.

Comment Re:Brilliant idea (Score 0) 480

Just generate them algorithmically. For example, your base password could be 12345 and you would just append the name of the site to it. Slashdot’s password would become 12345slashdot, your email password would become 12345email, etc. As long as you don't share your base password or the particulars of your algorithm there’s much less to remember and you benefit from having unique passwords across all the sites you visit.

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