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Comment Re:Brown Trousers Time (Score 1) 103

Odds are the language in the treaties will be along the lines of "must have copyright laws." If the country continues to have copyright laws but these laws have sane punishments built in (eg, steal a song that is available from itunes for a Euro, be fined 3 Euros. Distribute a song 10 times that is available from itunes for a Euro be fined 3 x 10 Euros)

The general gist of the law they are proposing is to make the punishment fit the crime. There may be a wishlist for shortened copyright periods and registration of all copyrightable work, but they probably won't make the draft.

Comment Re:Occam wanna sell you a razor (Score 1) 510

Have a series of small lockers in the lobby. Place phone in a locker. lock same. Take key with you. When business within building is complete, take key to locker, unlock same, remove phone, leave key.

This works fine in secure areas I have worked in. (I still think there is a level of paranoia built into the article that is unfounded)

Comment Re:yes it can (Score 1) 317

Carrier crapware is common to all phones.
My Samsung Galaxy S had a crapload of "handy applications pointing to services". Happily, nothing was crippled. But deleting the shortcuts took about 15 minutes and I was put out that I could not uninstall a bunch of it. Fortunately, they did not cripple the handset, so tethering was permitted.

I was much relieved, when I got the courage to re flash my phone with a 3rd party upgrade to discover that I now had a relatively clean interface.

So then I upgraded to the GalSII. Crapware!!! all over again. But at least it runs faster than my last phone...

Comment Re:A fish rots from the head, down... (Score 1) 398

I confess one of the prerequisites for my tablet was a physical keyboard. The model I got just happened to have a track pad. Yay. It works as a netbook as well.

Of course horses for courses. It will be interesting how you find products like the Google Glass thingy as that seems to come attached.

Comment Re:A fish rots from the head, down... (Score 5, Insightful) 398

That's nice for the PC market. Says me listening to music using a smart phone while typing on a tablet. The PC market will never disappear, too many jobs require too much screen real estate to be conveniently carried about. But you cant use the PC market to leverage the NEXT BIG THING anymore.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 2, Interesting) 152

Musicians make money by playing venues. If they get ROI from recordings they are doing well. If they make chump change on mechanical recordings, then that is a bonus. The starving artists are the ones who are not playing live.

I had a friend who could routinely make $100 an hour playing on the street. Not massive cash, but for a kid of 18, better than flipping burgers.

Comment Re:I still think this guy should countersue . . . (Score 1) 308

The issue is when you mix genetic lines. You effectively have two traits. Roundup ready and Terminator. If I plant a bunch of normal seeds plus a bunch of Monsanto Specials, then for any given seed they may or may not be infertile and may or may not be Roundup ready. So harvesting the crop, and saving the seed, half of the next years crop will not grow as they are infertile, Half of what is left will be roundup ready. Year three, All seeds grow, 50% roundup ready. Now if I use Roundup on the crop to reduce weeds, then I kill off all non Monsanto crops and are left with fertile seeds that are roundup ready.

Now what happens if back in year 1 All I do is plant normal seeds in my paddock next to your Monsanto special crop? Cross pollination does the job, but Monsanto never had an agreement with me...

Comment Re:iSuppli ignores recent history (Score 2) 513

The other thing is grunt. People don't see the need.

When I buy a device it is to do a range of tasks. I need a portable device to check Email, poke at websites, do some text editing, read books, play music, movies and the odd casual game. Nothing in this list is particularly arduous for most devices. In my static devices I will use them to Edit video, run multimedia libraries, typeset documents, and play more immersive games.

An ultrabook has the CPU and graphics power to achieve the results for all my tasks, but lacks screen size and human interface devices. I am therefore better off with two devices. I am probably not alone with my list of requirements.

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