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Comment Re:SOCIALIZE! (Score 1) 351

And thus the nail is squarely struck.

Private Industry has the goal of making money. So the most efficient way of making money will be pursued. This is typically by gaining a monopoly for a sought after service and charging as much as you can for it.

Governments have the option of changing their goals. For instance. Maybe a goal could be Healthy People. If that is your goal, then you use what resources are at your disposal to achieve that. Education, prevention, and therapy are available. Work out what gives you the most bang for available resources, and you wind up with more Healthy People.

So now Government has an option of rolling out their own network. Governments goals can now be Connected Population. They can spend more money for More and Better connection rather than Happy Shareholders.

And Yes, I will fix my sig now.

Comment Re:I think the OP mentioned self-employment (Score 1) 292

As it happens, I work for a government department, my boss is an aspie (Asperger syndrome), I am a borderline aspie. On the whole, we get the job done. 20-25 hours a week may be a killer. The public service tend to want full time employees. However, if you can deal with the 40 hours for a year, you might be able to do some job sharing stuff.

I shall now stop wasting your tax dollar and get back to work.

Comment Re:Why cloud? (Score 2) 55

Doctors frequently consult other doctors. This is so they make less mistakes. Think of the cloud option as a way of consulting with a "BigAssLibraryOfBreathingSounds" that have been filtered by experts in lung disease. Now the doctor still makes the final call (incidentally it's their insurance) but now they get the help of consultants around the world.

Comment Re:The Chinese... (Score 1) 544

How long is now? Is now the shortest measurable time? Is it the time taken to have one thought? Is it 5 minutes? or is it Back in the day nobody carried calculators with them, but Now everybody has one built into their mobile phone.

I would suggest that the ability to preserve culture, will allow researchers to remember ideas who's ideas were not ready for their lifetime, and allow people to use them in the future. See Newton, Babbage, Boole, Mandelbrot and others too numerous to mention.

Comment In Person. (Score 1) 247

I am the family geek and have found the best way of dealing with this is to organize a time to visit. Hop in car and stare at the problem in person. Set up access levels. (You don't get to be admin all the time there Mum) Set up schedules.(Leave your computer on overnight on Sunday night so the little maintenance men can do their work) Setup backups. (Where is that USB hard drive you got with this?)

If people get into problems, and they need service right away, tell them to drop the computer off at the local computer store. If it's important enough to need to happen now, then it's important enough to pay for the privilege.

Remote tools are handy for intranets (As I type I am using 2 different types). They are a security risk for internets.

Comment Re:It's like Palo Alto all over again... (Score 1) 227

What matters is that Fidler's mock up hits so many of the characteristics from Apple's design patent thus eliminating them from being claimed, because now they are "obvious". This leaves Apple with Losenge shaped speaker holes. (similar to an old Kenwood car speaker I had back in the day) and a shiny apple logo. (Samsung surprisingly left this feature off their product.)

Now the jury might be affected by the "JobsRealityWarpField" (TM) But Apple have some real arguing to do to get this patent over the line.

Comment Re:The AC on transparency - how precious (Score 1) 443

You are of course right. Lemme see

Bell goes.
All trades are placed in a 1 minute queue.
At the end of that minute, a new queue is formed, and all the trades for the first minute are confirmed.
HFT disappears as you can only do business once every minute, and you don't get to see what your competitors have done for that minute.
The downside of this is that the financial sector will insist on more transparency... but not too much... Wait, we didn't mean you could look at our dirty laundry...

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