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Comment Whippersnappers! (Score 1) 338

It's kinda sad that so few people know how to use anything that's not x86 anymore. I've got several Suns (Ultra 5 and 10, IPX, Sparcstation 20), a DECstation, 2 VAXstations, and a MicroVAX 3800. And a couple of HP ZX2000s... then rackmounted I've got another Sun, another HP Itanium box and a number of x86 architecture boxen.

Comment Re:AZ for retirement (Score 1) 475

The only part of Arizona that observes DST is the Navajo Nation and that's a long way from the most populated areas of the state -- i.e. unless you live there you aren't likely to GO there (unless you are driving to NM in which case you're going to go on DST anyway).

Comment Re:Sweet! (Score 1) 124

From what I can tell the Itanium port is pretty immature. I actually have 3 Itania but haven't had a chance to work on bringing NetBSD up on real hardware. OpenBSD forked from NetBSD.

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