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The Internet

Submission + - Designing Copyright Laws That Are Built To Last 4

An anonymous reader writes: With all the pressure to reform copyright law in countries around the world, the Toronto Star focuses on how to build a law that is built to last. The key ingredients include a balanced approach, technological neutrality, simplification, and embracing flexibility.
The Internet

Submission + - Pirate Bay downloads to flash drive before sale (itnews.com.au)

scrubl writes: An anonymous uploader has provided the database of the world's biggest BitTorrent site for download just days before the iconic pirate website was sold to its new owners. Fittingly, the 21.3 GB file was available as a torrent for download and fits on a high-capacity USB flash drive. When it was sold to Global Gaming Factory, the Pirate Bay said on its blog that "if the new owners will screw around with the site, nobody will keep using it". But Torrentfreak reported the anonymous uploaded wanted further assurances: "If the TPB deal disappoints us, we can just put it up again."

Submission + - Comcast intercepts and redirects port 53 traffic (wordpress.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: An interesting (and profane) writeup of one frustrated user's discovery that Comcast is actually intercepting DNS requests bound for non-Comcast DNS servers and redirecting them to their own servers. I had obviously heard of the DNS hijacking for nonexistent domains, but I had no idea they'd actually prevent people from directly contacting their own DNS servers.

Comment Re:It's been time for YEARS (Score 1) 948

To further further that analogy, quite a few of these mobsters have joined together to form something more like armies. I'm thinking of Ubuntu, Red Hat and Suse, to name the largest ones. They are projects using free software, but guided by strong leadership. These are the one who have a shot at making a dent in the armours of Microsoft and Apple.

Submission + - Pirate bay judge biased

Zoolander writes: The judge of the Pirate Bay trial has been found to be a member of several organizations that deal with copyright issues, among them the Swedish Copyright Association, whose members also include Monique Wadsted, Henrik Pontén and Peter Danowsky, who all represented the entertainment industry in the trial, and Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property, an organization which actively advocates more stringent copyright laws.

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