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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 375

Because their strategy has been to go after the big fish, people with large numbers of files hosted. But now, if they have access to a centralized database of what music files people have on their computer it becomes low hanging legal fruit.

Comment Re:So this is Apple's laundry service? (Score 1) 375

Well I guess in either way it is a laundering service. The real issue is in what way. The optimists think that Apple will launder all of the dirty laundry for $24.99. The article thinks that you will store all your laundry for $24.99 and then the RIAA laundry inspectors will accuse you of having hundreds or thousands of dirty shirts. And then Apple will allow you to clean that laundry and get rid of the laundry inspectors for just 99 cents a song!

Comment Re:Question for any budding lawyers out there (Score 1) 375

I am not an RIAA lawyer but I suspect that their argument will go like this: In order for iTunes Music Match to find the song it had to be on your disk. In order for it to be on your disk you made a copy of the song without the rights to do so. The act of making that copy was a violation of copyright. You had 10,000 such files. But then out of the shadows steps your hero Steve Jobs! He offers that with one click you can make all ten thousand copies legal and make the RIAA go away! And it will only cost you $9,900!

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 375

What the RIAA would argue is that the act of downloading the file was making a copy. It was taking the song that was on the file sharing system and making a copy on your disk. In other words the existence of the file isn't the problem, it is the act that created the file.

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