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Comment Re:Not exactly new (Score 1) 70

What's new here is that they are trying to get a constellation up very cheap (20M) and expect to get a 50:1 return on investment.
The sensors themselves aren't that impressive and low resolution when compared to RADARSAT-2, TerraSAR-X and CosmoSkymed.

Let's hope they fund some new work into the GPL SAR Toolbox NEST

Comment Remote Sensing Toolboxes (Score 2) 18

With all the new data that is and will be freely available to everyone, we could use some SoC help on the open source toolboxes BEAM, NEST and others.
Please send in your ideas on what could be worked on for NEST here
NEST could definitely benefit from more GIS functionality with more integration with GeoTools or other Java GIS libraries.

ESA Embraces Open Source With New SAR Toolbox 62

phyr writes "The European Space Agency (ESA) has released its Next ESA SAR Toolbox (NEST) freely as GPL for Linux and Windows. It provides an integrated viewer for reading, calibrating, post-processing and analysis of ESA (ERS 1&2, ENVISAT) and 3rd party (Radarsat2, TerraSarX, Alos Palsar, JERS) SAR level 1 data and higher. ESA has chosen to distribute the software as fully open source to allow the remote sensing community to easily develop new readers/writers and post-processors for SAR data with their NEST Java API. The software provides both a command line interface and GUI for all features including data conversion, graph processing, coregistration, multilooking, filtering, and band arithmetic."

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