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Unzipping Nanotubes Makes Superfast Electronics 64

Al writes "Two research groups have found a way to unzip carbon nanotubes to create nanoribbons of graphene — a material that has shown great promise for use as nanoscale transistors, but which has proven difficult to manufacture previously. A team led by James Tour, a professor of chemistry and computer science at Rice University, and another led by Hongjie Dai, a professor of chemistry at Stanford University, both figured out ways to slice carbon nanotubes open to create the nanoribbons. The Stanford team was funded by Intel, and the Rice group is in talks with several companies about commercializing their approach."

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Collaborative calendaring? Ability to delegate rights for your calendar and inbox to other employees? (Admin assistants) Ability to book physical resources for your appointments?

These are all mission-critical features for most medium to large businesses and as far as I've seen no open source solution comes close offering all the features of Outlook/Exchange. I'm sure some enterprising young lad might be able to hobble all the technology together but that is entirely different from having 1 product that just does the job - a hobbled together solution isn't going to take the enterprise by storm.

Again, this is the stumbling block for Linux adoption in the enterprise. Word, Excel, Power Point interoperability means nothing without an Exchange replacement.

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People underestimate how important Exchange is.

The argument is always how Office is the real lynchpin and that if only a compatible document suite like Google docs or OpenOffice got a foothold Microsoft would be crushed but Outlook/Exchange is the REAL barrier to entry.

I work at a call center. EVERY corporate employee who calls me is using Outlook except the 1% of poor souls stuck with Lotus Notes and Domino.

Business relies on Outlook/Exchange.

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