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Comment Re:Or the reverse (Score 1) 899

What is or is not of public interest changes depending on who you ask.
America used to be a country where people minded their own damn business.
Now everyone has some bullshit excuse to get into your business.

(whine) I have a right to make you stop smoking it effect my air. (Unlike the big SUV you are driving)
(Whine) It affects my insurance rates. (That is a problem you need to take up with your insurance companies and if they don't listen talk to your lawmakers and pass laws making the insurance companies change how they do business)

Your rights stop at your nose. You do not have the right to know someone else' personal business.
This is the same bullshit excuse people use for anytime they want to stick their nose into someone else' business.
The excuse that if they have a gun you need to know in case the decide to shoot you is bullshit.
If you are that worried (paranoid) about it, buy a gun yourself or move away from a place you think may be unsafe.

Comment Re:Conditioned Much? (Score 0) 83

TROLL. And no I didn't say that because I am butt-hurt (I'm not because I really could not care less for the opinion of a self centered paranoid person like yourself) I said it because it is true.
If you are so concerned about drones being used write your Congressman. And take off the tinfoil hat for a few. Its stopping the blood flow to what is left of your brain.

Comment Re:These terms should be considered unconscionable (Score 1) 147

Except the Company gets to decide who does the arbitration. And since the Company deals with them far more often than any individual does the company has the advantage.
It's like pro wrestling. You could be the better wrestler but if I get to pick the ref I will win.

Comment Who is Susan McLean? (Score 1) 254

What is know about this person, Susan McLean?
I think if we are going to hear her side of this we should know about the person who is asking that our freedom of speech be limited or taken away.
She is a FORMER police officer.
Why former? why did she leave the force? Did she quit on her own or was she forced out?
What is her record?
Does she have a record of violating people rights?
Does she stand to gain financially from this?
Is she connected to people who stand to gain financially from this?
What do the people who know her think of her? Do they think she's a good decent person or just a Nazi under a different mask?
Is she married? (I ask only to see if someone was/is willing to put up with her or is she so bat-shit crazy no one wants to be around her if they don't have to be)
Does she have any personal reasons for her stance? Was a friend or loved one harmed and then someone said something cruel about it online? (If you want to see how that can change a person there is no better example than Nancy Grace. Just typing that name makes me want to puke)
Someone should start a webpage of information about people like this that want to take away our freedoms so we all know what kind of people we are dealing with.

Comment Re:No (Score 2) 254

After reading your post I went out to do the dishes and this gave me time to think.
You are using rape victims (without their permission I might add) as a symbol to champion your cause against free speech.
That is almost the very definition of ASSHOLE.
Hey I called you an ASSHOLE. Does that make me as bad as a rapist?
First off the right to say what you want is a RIGHT. I have every right to say what I want about anything. I don't have the right to force you to listen to it ot to agree with it. That would violate your right to freedom of speech.
Rape is not about the right to fuck whomever you choose. Rape is not about sex in the first place. Its about control and force and violence.
And yes speech can have consequences. But guess what, there are already laws covering those. And they are VERY limited so as not to trample on ones RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH.
Saying what you said about this being equivalent to rape is not only wrong, its stupid. It's cruel to victims of real rape. And it's an underhanded play to get people to agree with you.
Kind of like the ASSHOLES in Canada who claimed if you were not with them in their quest to limit rights online then you were for child-porn.

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