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Comment Re:Capsule? (Score 4, Interesting) 77

Like with most balloon payload, the flight train will separate from the balloon. The parachute will open and the gondola (or capsule) will decent at a reasonable speed. Most likely be reused immediately afterwards.

Balloon flights like these cannot be done anywhere. There are reasons for that. Although it comes down relatively slowly (something around 10 m/s I guess from similar payloads), it can still cause damage. Also, you have a 2 football sized (sorry for the journalistic dimensions) balloon coming down... I wouldn't want to be stuck under that.

The nice thing is that once the flight train is separated, the impact points of both balloon and gondola are very predictable. Much more than the actual balloon flight itself. Decent is fast, and only little affected by winds at altitude.

Balloon flights like these (actually not at all like these, but from the balloon type, payload, etc.) are done all the time. Sometimes during stratospheric research campaigns by the dozen. But launches and landings almost always happen in remote desolated areas such as New Mexico, where you can be fairly sure there is nothing but dust in the probable impact zone.

Comment Re:well sometimes customers are dumb (Score 5, Insightful) 420

These kinds of comments make me sad. Obviously, the apple product have no appeal for you. You fail to see the interest in them, which is ok. But you also fail to understand others might have other views, other needs, other interests and different values. You fail to see that you fail to see. You believe your view is the only view; a sort of anti-fanboy.

Although you are correct on many points - and I would understand anyone saying "these products are not for me" based on these points - you wave a positions as bad, if not worse, than those "fanboy" you cry about. You have the right to your view. But believing a large consumer group is misled based on your personal view is so arrogant. It makes me sad.

Comment Security nightmare... (Score 1) 408

I hate those questions. Seriously. Once I was faced to something like this... had to choose among a list of question at least two in a registration process. It was mandatory.

Question where something like :
- where did you spend your honeymoon... : I'm not married.
- what is the name of your first child... : I have no children.
- what is the name of your first pet... : does that include fake pets? because I never had a pet.
- what is the maiden name of your grandmother... : why the hell would I know or remember that?
- what was your favorite song in the eighties... : oh! oh! i know. This one....mmmm no that other one... mmm no no this one was better! mmmm that's not going to work.
- what is the favorite colour of your oldest child.... : not again with this?

I have honestly no clue what I answer to any of the two question I chose, nor which question I chose.

Comment Re:I don't see the problem. (Score 4, Interesting) 268

It may be so, but I have serious doupt about the legallity of this action in light of RF frequency allocation and usage rules. If it is an open and unregulated band for wifi, BT has not right what so ever to ask someone to turn of an access point. If they claim the said access point causes interference on their equipement, which is unlikely for certified devices, they can fill a claim through the proper channels. I doupt running, chansing access points, is the proper channel.

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