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Comment Brag about it and get snapped! (Score 5, Informative) 214

They had an entire episode on one of the current affairs TV shows here in Australia dedicated to cyber crime. The very next day this article came out.

The way they were talking on the TV show you're lead to believe they worked hard and displayed decent technical knowledge and skills. Nice to know my tax dollars pay for a department that doesn't even have a secure server. However according to the article the police stated that it was a seperate network with no actual worthwhile data or connection to the real network

Comment But does it play... (Score 1) 142

My netbook serves primarily 3 functions
  1. Web Associated activities most heavily flash related because that's how everyone rolls now
  2. Word Processing I'm a P/T student Essays & Reports :(
  3. Music & Movies

If I can't do all these things out of the box on a Linux distro I'm going to fall back to windows because after messing about with the relatively mainstream RH & Debian based distros I can't be stuffed reading through forums to work out how to tweak for making things work in Linux anymore.

Comment Re:Australian Labor Governments (Score 1) 189

I'm pretty sure the sale of Telstra went into funding all federal employees super annuation liability the government has on their records of course the current government got rid of that "future fund" and we still have the monopoly and nothing to show yet but the NBN might remove Telstra's monopoly more so on local data

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