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Comment Re:Good advice - Always use your ISP for DNS (Score 0) 348

Yeah, "insanely trivial" to everybody who know all about DNS and its terminology ("zones", "authoritative server", "slave", etc) as well as moderate Unix skills. I develop Unix server software and I get questions all the time from people who don't even know what $PATH is and how it works. If you call installing a DNS server "insanely trivial" then you have no idea what that word means in the context of 99.9% of the world population.

Comment Re:Also from the article (Score 2, Interesting) 402

Linus is right about not requiring user setup. It's a usability thing.

However I disagree with the conclusion that the patch should therefore be merged into the kernel. First, instead of pasting some lines to bashrc and running some commands, the user now has to recompile to kernel to benefit from the change. That's a lot less user friendly. Secondly, if one really wants to push user friendliness, one should convince distributions to update their init scripts to run those cgroup commands automatically. Since all software users use go through distros anyway it should be the distros' job to ensure user friendliness.

Comment Re:VLC developer using this as soapbox!!! (Score 1) 717

As a developer I want to take YOUR derivative product, slap my own name on it and sell it without source code and without credits to you. Neither the GPL nor BSD allow me to do that, therefore neither of them are free. The only license that is truly free is the FooBarWidget license, which states that everybody must publish the source code and give attribution to the original author, except FooBarWidget who can do whatever he wants.

Yes, that was sarcastic. But I hope you realize how hypocritical you are with your definition of free.

Comment Re:Need a better client-side scripting language (Score 1) 141

Javascript will be more multicore friendly than Python when web workers [] get widely implemented.

What, are you serious? You do realize that Web Workers just implement the shared-nothing message-passing-processes style of concurrency, right? That's exactly the same model as multiple OS processes passing messages to each other through IPC, and Python has been able to do this for years either manually or through the multiprocess library.

Comment Re:Pointless battles (Score 1) 360

"By the time Firefox will make GPU acceleration work right, which is probably 1-2 years, two video card generations will come and go and the technology will be already obsolete. We'll then have 12-16 core processors capable of working with video as fast as they plan to make video work with GPU now."

And by that time we'll also have 300 core GPUs that are 50 times faster than said 16 core CPUs.

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