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Comment No dogs or Irish (Score 1) 888

And funded, to a large degree, by the good people of New York City. One of the benefits of the 9/11 attacks was that Giuliani suddenly decided terrorism wasn't cool anymore and the IRA, seeing its major source of funds dry up, became a lot more willing to negotiate.

So all the hipsters in Williamsburg are going to start taking up ironic retro-prejudice and hang "No Irish need apply" signs in their store windows?

Comment Still relevant to our understanding (Score 3, Insightful) 347

If nothing else, this is relevant in so far as illustrating how much behavior and physiology can change by the modification of a single simple and seemingly unrelated hereditary trait.

The long and arduous road of chance modifications to the organisms genome isn't necessary to explain these expressed traits specifically, when these simple modifications can cause entire systems to behave differently. It's whole other way of looking at natural selection.

It's not as though we haven't heard Creationists' arguments hinging upon the expectation that every step in evolution depends on a perfect storm of genetic error...

Comment Re:History (Score 1) 347

"Most sad thing about it was that they had camps where they trained 5-6 year old boys to exercise physically and to mentally think without fear of enemy, while learning military tactics and strategies."

[citation needed]

USSR was not nice. But creating zombies? It's just a fantasy. This video might have been taken in Afghanistan or Chechnya, if it's real at all.



Comment Re:Please ... (Score 1) 590

As the parent poster is probably well-aware, this op/ed comic is poking fun at Anthony Comstock. In the Victorian Era, he was a postal inspector crusading against all forms of interstate vice--from pornography to "women's hygiene" pamphlets. His legacy is as the godfather of everyone who's cried "think of the children" for the last hundred years.

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