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Comment Re:collective bargaining (Score 1) 285

Unfortunately, unless EVERY college agreed to do this, few or none are likely to do so. From a recruiting perspective,it would be a disaster, even if there was the "get their own" alternative. It would be viewed as "this college doesn't even offer a basic service like access to the Internet" and it would drive students away. Next, ubiquitous wireless - a heavy student demand - would be impossible to offer in any cohesive way. Again, that would create a recruiting challenge. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of colleges, recruiting students is a HUGE effort that takes a ton of time and a lot of people. They're extremely tuition-driven - very, very few have Harvard-level endowments - and their bread and butter is recruitment.

Comment Want a cell phone with that? (Score 1) 430

I live in a small town, but well remember the days when Radio Shack used to sell useful stuff. I'm still forced to go there sometimes when I need a mouse or something, but hate going in now. I went in a few weeks ago and the district manager was there and was way too aggressive. I was looking for a USB cable, so she naturally told me I needed an iPhone. I told her that I already had an iPhone so she told me that I should switch it to Radio Shack. I told her that my college (where I work and happen to handle the cell phone contracts) owns the phone and the plan. This was where she sat there and badgered me trying to get me to move all of the college's phones to Radio Shack, called the store manager over and ordered him to grill me further. Now, every time I walk in the store, the sales droid asks when he can expect that cell phone contract to be changed. I keep telling them that it isn't going to happen - right now, we get a 20% discount, can order through AT&T premier at any time and the sales people I work with are actually good... sure, I'll switch to Radio Shack where I have to drive to the store hoping that they are open). So, this is a long rant... "The Shack" name change just reinforces how far the company has fallen.

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