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Comment openmoko (Score 1) 376

the community desperately wanted an open phone, and thousands of openmoko neos and freerunners were purchased. the problem was the 1 day battery life. as well as a few problems with the GSM radio. the iphone is the next best device.

Comment Re:Once upon a time (Score 1) 120

Except this beast was 110baud. But time sharing systems in those days weren't much faster (IBM 1401 series, Honeywell 200 series, early IBM360). It was a TTY33 in a case with wheels and an acoustic coupler (connecting wires to AT&T's network in those days was strictly verboten). It weighed about 90 pounds (or at least felt like 90 #).

The first 300baud units were lugable but used thermal paper on a roll.

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