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Comment Infringing use of Apple's Safari logo? (Score 1) 310

I would imagine that their use of the Apple-designed Safari logo (it is stored on their server at is an infringing use of Apple's intellectual property, especially if it is designed to appear as though Safari itself generated the message and cause confusion as to the source of the message.

Get Apple legal's hounds on Bell and see what happens.

Comment Boss man is blowing it up your skirt... (Score 1) 837

My father-in-law does commercial data wiring and has been doing it for almost 30 years. He hand cuts 99% of his stock and my wife and mother in law are his "termination specialists" when he's got big jobs to do. Just a week or two ago, they were manually installing ends on Cat 6a for 10GbT install at a major company locally. IN THE KITCHEN OF MY HOUSE.

He gets contracts and repeat business for being EXTREMELY efficient in his cable cutting and clean in his routing and organization in the racks and rooms. You just can't get the kind of "fit and finish" as I'd like to call it from commercial cables. Cable waste from pre-cut is usually really high, and a lot of other contractors just pull from the spool, whereas F-I-L actually measures lengths, pre-cuts into bundles for each set of drops, and has a few feet AT MOST of leftover cable on each spool when he's done. He has a simple integrity tester for jobs that don't require certification of the cables, and one of those crazy ass frequency spectrum testers that measure the throughput for each pair for the jobs that do.

Belkin ethernet cable is the Monster Cable of UTP: useful and sometimes good quality but overpriced as hell and usually much better deals can be found. Your boss probably got a hand job in the rack room from a Belkin rep, or he's been reading too many of Belkin's reviews for pre-cut UTP.

Comment What's with the OS X users losing data? (Score 3, Insightful) 450

I mean, just because a few medium-profile sites running on Macs have experienced a failure causing data loss doesn't make them unique. Every OS and every type of hardware will, at some point, experience a failure. It's the PEOPLE that make the failure a problem, and it sure looks like this tard was a problem.

Who the hell doesn't back up their data? Seriously? This is "Slashdot worthy" because some hapless Mac user lost their data. BOO FUCKING FAIL. Move on.

Comment New value? How about longevity extending value? (Score 2, Interesting) 206

Like many of the posters here, I've kept around good hardware that works because it works and it's already paid for (please ignore my credit card balances for now...)

My primary archiving box and storage server is a Mirror Drive Door Power Mac G4 tower, which is awesome because it holds 2 DVD drives and 4 hard disks, which is better than most other Apple towers (with the exception of the Mac Pros.) It serves up what I need with OS X 10.5 and whenever I end up needing more storage, I'll throw a SATA card in there to use newer, faster, larger drives.

Sure it's unsupported hardware, but it's solid, it's relatively compact (compared with G5 towers and Mac Pros) and doesn't gobble that much power (survives w/ a ~ 300W power supply.) It gets the job done, and gets no complaints from me or the wife about its performance. Yay for old hardware that works!

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