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Comment Re:vs iPhone (Score 1) 144

What? It isn't about how expensive the phone is. I love to have everything at my fingertips. I love the efficiency at which I get to my information. I bet your are using a broadband connection aren't you? Most people who started with modems thought that 56k was fast enough until you go broadband. Once that move happens, 56k is no longer good enough, it is downright painful.

People who live in rural country areas who get around with bikes and walking may think cars are useless status symbols. I bet you own a car don't you? So .. you just purchased your vehicle as a status symbol?

Comment Re:So what's the news? Something subtle. (Score 3, Interesting) 226

I've used the brushes app before. This was not edited outside of the iPhone. That application really does a good job simulating paint and brushes. And yes, you can do this with a WinMo device. The difference is the interface of this application, the accuracy of a capacitive screen, and the multitouch make the combination of this app and this phone seem natural. Zooming in and out is effortless by pinching in and out. And the speed and sensitivity is perfect. I have used paint applications on my Winmo, and they don't feel very natural. Doing multiple strokes with textured brushes with transparency set on a winmo device doesn't feel very good ... not as fluid.

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