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Comment Re:Not spreading the wealth around? (Score 1) 631

Companies like Apple 'create amazing products and vast shareholder wealth, but they don't spread this wealth around as much as earlier industrial giants did,' writes Henry Blodget.

Companies like Apple do spread wealth around like earlier industrial giants, but the difference is the generated wealth isn't concentrated in the U.S. anymore.

Comment Re:Hacking innocent people's email accounts?!?!? (Score 1) 363

Numbers 1-7 deal with the police. Law enforcement in Britain and the United States have been given unprecedented, unchecked power in the past 10 years. Believe me, with the possible exception of a couple sacrificial lambs, if there's one group that will come out virtually unscathed in this case it's law enforcement.

Comment Yeah right, Trusted Traveler? (Score 1) 388

The Trusted Traveler Program looks like a door with a lock that's waiting for a criminal to pick it.

Governments have tried for centuries to figure out a way to positively identify people and they've never been able to do it, which makes the whole system useless when it's purpose is to stop crime. Are we to believe that the Trusted Traveler Program will work while, at the same time, FBI Top Ten Most Wanted serial murderers like mobster Whitey Bulger are able to travel freely across the U.S. and across international borders using fake IDs and fake passports which are available to anyone with the incentive?

Bulger offers new details to authorities

Comment Re:Unfortunately.... (Score 1) 887

I agree with you, but we currently live in world where most people (including judges) don't understand how to look past the technology and see the true issue. This is one reason why we have a set of laws that garner harsher penalties for unauthorized access to a computer via the Internet and separate set of laws regarding unauthorized access to private property via physical intrusion that carry, in many cases, a much less severe penalty.

Comment Real World vs Internet (Score 1) 307

He noted that Facebook-style networks kept users within their existing friend groups, and didn't 'stretch' them to meet new people. Berners-Lee asked how can we 'make use of the web so it connects people together and breaks down barriers more than it builds them up.'

How is this any different than how people interact in the real world? I usually meet people through existing friends or through activities I participate in. Why does Tim think that the Internet would cause people to behave differently than in real life?

about the only why I've seen the Internet change the way people behave is because the Internet offers a level of anonymity, which causes people to feel more free to state their true opinion, for good or bad. But I'm sure this isn't what Tim means when he talks about breaking down barriers and connecting people together.

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